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Sea Life Issue Date: 12-06-2015

Cool Spots imageExplore Earth’s oceans in Google Earth, tinyurl.com/o5kh3w4. Cousteau Ocean World features clips of adventures of ocean explorers, from torch divers to oceanauts, to brave divers being lowered to the bottom of the ocean in cages for early shark-tagging. Did you know that there are canyons at the bottom of the ocean? The Ocean Seafloor takes the water out of the ocean virtually so you can see what the bottom looks like. The Shinkai 6500 is a research vehicle that travels to unexplored areas of the ocean. See some of its beautiful discoveries, such as marine snow.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/o5kh3w4
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Explore Your World Issue Date: 06-21-2015

Cool Spots imageGet ready to explore Earth at PBS Kids Plum Landing, pbskids.org/plumlanding. When you play Mangroovin’ you’re a baby grouper, and you need to eat enough shrimp to survive while avoiding predators. Did you know that mountain climbers must wear oxygen masks at high altitudes? Watch Earth to Blorb: Mountains, in Video, to see why. The colorful characters on The Ship have explored many places. Click on their bubbles to discover what they found. See Pictures kids have shared about their explorations, then share some of your own.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/plumlanding
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Explore the Aquarium Issue Date: 03-29-2015

Cool Spots imageThe National Aquarium, aqua.org/explore/animals, houses more than 17,000 animals. Explore by animal type, characteristics or color. For example, watch the beautiful Peacock Mantis Shrimp in action when you search “green.” Learn why this creature sees better than a human. Did you know that the Blue Poison Dart Frog was not discovered until 1968? Because its skin can emit toxins, you’ll want to keep your distance from this 2-inch amphibian. Jellyfish are 90 percent water. Watch the Blue Blubber Jelly as it bounces.

Visit: http://aqua.org/explore/animals
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Visit Seaworld Issue Date: 12-14-2014

Cool Spots imageDid you know sea lions have a sense of humor? SeaWorld Kids, seaworldkids.com, is for kids interested in animal rescue. Watch the Generation Nature Polar Bear Webisode and listen to energy hog confessions. Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and be a Game Changer. The Wildlife Docs care for more than 12,000 exotic animals at Busch Gardens. In Videos, see the tale of a tiger family, where a rare tiger gives birth to three cubs. Meet The Jungle Bunch, colorful characters with unique stories.

Visit: http://seaworldkids.com
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Take a Dive Issue Date: 06-08-2014

Cool Spots imageGet ready for Ocean Adventures, pbs.org/kqed/oceanadventures. Jean-Michel Cousteau and a team of marine professionals share their expeditions with you. In Call of the Killer Whale, you’ll learn why these creatures are at risk. Find out what orcas have in common with people. In Vanishing Sharks Interactive, see what is threatening the world’s shark populations and how they benefit ocean life. Get Involved to see What You Can Do to protect ocean life. Divers can protect habitats by not touching or taking the marine life they see.

Visit: http://pbs.org/kqed/oceanadventures
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