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Chasing the 60-foot Giant Squid Issue Date: 03-30-1997

Cool Spots imageGiant squid attacked Captain Nemo's submarine in Jules Verne's book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But scientists believe that these creatures are not as fearsome as the stories lead us to believe. The truth is we don't know because we have never captured a live giant squid. In fact, only in the last year have scientists figured out where they may be able to find Architeuthis (ark-ee-TOO-this) - that's Greek for Chief Squid. The Smithsonian Institute has put together a truly monstrous World Wide Web site where you can learn everything there is to know about squids of all kinds, the scientists who study squids, and their expedition to New Zealand to try to see one of these enormous sea creatures. You can learn all about the "Expedition into the Depths of the Last Frontier" and the cool technology the scientists may use to actually catch one of these Cephalopods on film. So grab your scuba tank and head over to http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/squid.html where you can find out more about this gigantic and elusive creature.

Visit: http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/squid.html
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Your mission: Search the Oceans for
Lots of Cool Stuff
Issue Date: 12-22-1996

Cool Spots imageAre alligators sneaky? What fish can keep one eye out for food and the other eye out for danger? How did the Mosquitofish get its name? Take a virtual dive into the Florida Aquarium at www.flaquarium.org and learn the answers to these and other questions as you explore the deep, blue wonders of Florida's ocean environment. Conduct experiments like making a hydrometer or comparing freshwater to saltwater and then head for the play pond and match critters or take a quiz about the stuff you've learned. Finally, if things about Florida's ocean life still seem murky, visit the answer tank and ask an expert at the Florida Aquarium.

Visit: www.flaquarium.org
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Whale Net Issue Date: 07-28-1996

Cool Spots imageDo you know the difference between a toothed and a baleen whale? Is a Killer Whale really a killer? What does whale song mean? Let a cetacean biologist (whale scientist) answer your questions about whales when you swim over to http://whale.wheelock.edu. A whale of a good time awaits you at WhaleNet. Follow "Metompkin," an endangered Northern Right Whale, as the scientists observe her movements in the North Atlantic. Access WhaleNet data, case studies, a slide show, and a marine mammal resource list THE SIZE OF A GREAT BLUE WHALE. WhaleNet also offers loads of fun, whale-related activities as well as whale links of the week. Dive deep into the Web to discover the real Gentle Giants of the Seas!

Visit: http://whale.wheelock.edu
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Seaworld Issue Date: 06-16-1996

Cool Spots imageWhat do killer whales like to feast on for dinner? Why do warthogs prefer running to fighting? What are penguin wings for? All of these animal fun facts and more can be found in the depths of the Internet's wild kingdom at the Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database. Take the animal quiz, talk back to the parrots, or find out if a career in the zoo or aquarium industry is right for you. Shamu the Whale can show you his underwater world on ShamuTV. You can even ask a question or tell a fishtale to Shamu. Bring your binoculars over to www.seaworld.org and get ready for an adventure!

Visit: www.seaworld.org
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