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The Age of E-quarium Issue Date: 03-12-2000

Cool Spots imageDive into the E-quarium to become an instant junior marine biologist! At www.montereybayaquarium.org, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Web site, 3-D panoramas and live camera action bring the ocean to life like you've never seen. Get on your scuba gear and head into the depths by clicking on the Learning Center and Kids' E-Q for instant access to all the exhibits. Swim through a kelp forest and scope out the kelp cam, or sink your head in a tidal pool and come nose-to-nose with a Monkeyface eel. You can comb the shores or dive in on a submarine voyage to deep underwater canyons. Giggle at the hijinks on the otter cam or slime around on the muddy ocean floor with some mud-sucking sea cucumbers. It's cute, ugly, beautiful and scientific. Have a swimmingly good time at Monterey Bay's amazing E-quarium.

Visit: www.montereybayaquarium.org
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A Whale Of A Site Issue Date: 05-09-1999

Cool Spots imageFrom the bowhead to the blue, whales are among the most majestic animals of the sea. At WhaleNet, you'll get the opportunity to learn more about these ocean mammals up-close. Dive in at http://whale.wheelock.edu and spend a day on a whale watch, experiencing the sites and sounds of being at one with a killer whale or right whale. Be sure to pack sun screen and a pair of binoculars! At the WhaleNet Slide Show, you'll also get to play with seals and swim with the sharks. A satellite tagging program through the New England Aquarium lets you follow blue whales, elephant seals and loggerhead turtles. Don't forget to play What's It, a game in which you have to guess on the many unusual and interesting things that live in the ocean. It's time to check out some whale tales!

Visit: http://whale.wheelock.edu
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The Abyss: An Alien Underworld Issue Date: 03-07-1999

Cool Spots imageImagine what kinds of creatures would live in an environment that is pitch dark 24 hours a day, full of poisonous gases, and has extreme freezing and scorching temperatures. It sounds like another planet but, it's right here on Earth-in the depths of the oceans! Climb into a virtual deep-sea vessel at www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/abyss and plunge into the abyss. Find out why Canadian scientists want to study the ocean floor to understand life on Earth. Be sure to catch the freakish creatures that live in these dark waters. They all look like something out of science fiction.

Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/abyss
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The Natural Perspective Issue Date: 07-20-1997

Cool Spots imageThis summer you will see birds, fish and flowers growing. But what about algae and fungi that you can't even see? These small life forms are just as important to the life cycle on earth as the larger forms we see everyday. The Natural Perspective at www.perspective.com/nature allows you to look at many different, mysterious life forms up close and personal. From fungi, move on to plants such as ferns and mosses or animals such as starfish and sea urchins. The Natural Perspective shows how these plants grow, thrive, survive and contribute to the cycle of life.

Visit: www.perspective.com/nature
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Chasing the 60-foot Giant Squid Issue Date: 03-30-1997

Cool Spots imageGiant squid attacked Captain Nemo's submarine in Jules Verne's book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. But scientists believe that these creatures are not as fearsome as the stories lead us to believe. The truth is we don't know because we have never captured a live giant squid. In fact, only in the last year have scientists figured out where they may be able to find Architeuthis (ark-ee-TOO-this) - that's Greek for Chief Squid. The Smithsonian Institute has put together a truly monstrous World Wide Web site where you can learn everything there is to know about squids of all kinds, the scientists who study squids, and their expedition to New Zealand to try to see one of these enormous sea creatures. You can learn all about the "Expedition into the Depths of the Last Frontier" and the cool technology the scientists may use to actually catch one of these Cephalopods on film. So grab your scuba tank and head over to http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/squid.html where you can find out more about this gigantic and elusive creature.

Visit: http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/squid.html
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