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Rainforest Action Network Issue Date: 07-28-1996

Cool Spots imageWhat do tribal people around the world have in common with tree frogs and mountain gorillas? They are all being threatened by the destruction of the rainforests. Rainforests are places of beauty and natural riches. At the Rainforest Action Network, you can learn more about how you can help save the rainforests and the endangered species that inhabit them. Read stories from those who live in the rainforest or test your knowledge in a special quiz. By trekking down to http://ran.org/rainforestheroes you can become a rainforest expert and help Mother Nature at the same time.

Visit: http://ran.org/rainforestheroes
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San Francisco Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals
Issue Date: 07-28-1996

Cool Spots imageThe San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is one of thousands of SPCA/Humane Society shelters around the country working hard to find good, loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and many other lost or deserted animal friends. Come to the city on the Bay and find out how one shelter has created a unique plan to assist our animal companions to a better, happier life. Run, hop, trot or kitten-stroll over to www.sfspca.org. Then, visit your local animal shelter to see what you can do.

Visit: www.sfspca.org
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