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Ranger Rick Issue Date: 02-05-2017

Cool Spots image Ranger Rick celebrates 50 years with the National Wildlife Federation at nwf.org/kids/ranger-rick.aspx. Did you know that frogfish use their fins as feet and actually walk? Find out fascinating facts about your favorite creatures in Animals. Visit Games and play Be Bear-Aware to see just what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild. Share nature pictures when you enter the monthly Photo Contest. Winners will be featured on the homepage and possibly in the Ranger Rick magazine. Rickís Adventures feature comic strips telling stories about the crazy situations he and his friends have encountered during their travels. For some Laughs, try out Joke Finder.

Visit: http://nwf.org/kids/ranger-rick.aspx
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Service Projects Issue Date: 12-13-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you and your family enjoy helping others? Make a positive difference in the world with generationOn, generationon.org/kids. In Projects, read about the initiatives already in place. If you find a project that interests you, ask a parent if you can join for free to download more information about it. Did you know that fourth through eighth grades have some of the highest incidences of bullying? Find out what you can do to promote peace. More than 5 million pets go to animal shelters each year. Animal Care Collection gathers food and supplies for local shelters. Learn how you can help.

Visit: http://generationon.org/kids
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Warriors Training Dogs Issue Date: 11-08-2015

Cool Spots imageWarrior Canine Connection, warriorcanineconnection.org, helps veterans heal and reconnect with family and community when they return home from military service. After the stress of a deployment, itís often difficult to reintegrate into civilian life. Soldiers who enter this program train dogs to serve disabled veterans. The program helps the veteran, who is training the dog, to heal, as well as giving him or her a chance to do what they value: helping others. What breeds are chosen for this program? Learn more in Our Service Dogs.

Visit: http://warriorcanineconnection.org
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School for Horses Issue Date: 06-22-2014

Cool Spots imageItís time to saddle up and go to a unique school where your classmates are horses! Equine Science 4 Kids, esc.rutgers.edu/kids/portal.html, is an interactive site dedicated to teaching you all about the health and care of horses. Did you know that horses love peppermints? A horse also creates about 50 pounds of manure a day, which can contaminate groundwater when it rains. Find out how horse farmers keep water clean in the Scoop on Poop. Now that youíve learned all about horses, play Exercising Horsepower, where you get to be the horse trainer.

Visit: http://esc.rutgers.edu/kids/portal.html
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Kids Helping Animals Issue Date: 12-30-2012

Cool Spots imageBeing a hero isnít just about helping people. You can be a hero to animals in your community at PAWS, paws.org/kids.html. Have a bake sale, host a movie night for animals or organize a gift drive for a local pet shelter. These are just some of the ideas you'll find if you decide to Volunteer. Make yarn balls for cats and rope toys for dogs, or find recipes for treats dogs will love in Stuff to Do. Research for your next animal project at school will be a breeze when you visit Learn, full of information about wild animals, pets and farm animals.

Visit: paws.org/kids.html
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