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Conservation Issue Date: 05-15-2016

Cool Spots imageWorld Wide Fund for Nature, wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth, is committed to protecting Earth and its natural resources. Check out What We Do to learn about WWF’s Priority Species. Animals such as polar bears, marine turtles and giant pandas are threatened by poaching, habitat loss and more. Did you know that the size of the industrialized world’s Footprint is related to how much land, sea and freshwater it requires for daily activities, and how much energy we use and waste we create? Determine the size of your footprint in Our Earth. Find out what you can do to Live Green.

Visit: http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth
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Protect Wildlife Issue Date: 08-02-2015

Cool Spots imageDefenders of Wildlife, defenders.org/wild-places-and-wildlife, is an organization that works to protect animals and habitats from population decline. Learn about species it is fighting to protect in Defenders in Action. Did you know that there were once as few as 500 bald eagles in North America? Find out how the Desert Tortoise survives in ground temperatures as high as 140 degrees. Farmers and gardeners rely on honeybees to pollinate plants. Read the Pollinator Predicament to learn the dire effects of the decline in honeybees on the world’s food supply.

Visit: http://defenders.org/wild-places-and-wildlife
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Science Games Issue Date: 03-15-2015

Cool Spots imageARKive presents Fun Stuff, arkive.org/education/fun-stuff. Did you know that a scientist is like a detective? Many scientists worldwide are trying to figure out how to protect endangered animal species. Join Team Wild, where you’ll play a superhero who protects the planet’s species and habitats from destruction. Print instructions to create your own Shoebox Habitat. Your choices are Winter, Under the Sea, Jungle or Savannah. How much do you know about wildlife? Find out when you take science and wildlife quizzes. Send an e-card with a personal message to friends. Enjoy beautiful images of animals throughout the site.

Visit: http://arkive.org/education/fun-stuff
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Virtual Field Trips Issue Date: 05-04-2014

Cool Spots imageHave you ever heard about an interesting place and wanted to take a trip there yourself? Field Trip Earth, fieldtripearth.org, will take you on virtual adventures around the world. You can select a featured field trip or choose one from the map. Go on a Whale Shark Expedition or check out Atlantic Sea Turtles. Each trip includes facts About the Species, details About the Region and a Media Gallery. Did you know that the Przewalski horse was nearly extinct when a recovery effort in Mongolia began with just 11 horses that were in zoos?

Visit: http://fieldtripearth.org
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Save the Animals! Issue Date: 03-10-2013

Cool Spots imageOur Endangered Animals, konica
, need to be protected, and kids can help! Prof. Konica Minolta will guide you on several missions to gather knowledge he has gained on his travels. Your first mission is to find out "What's an endangered animal?" Check the Endangered Animals List to see if your favorite animal is included. Now, Study With Comics and learn about important issues such as global warming, deforestation and acid rain. Two kids and a robot illustrate the facts in comic strips.

Visit: konicaminolta.com/kids/endangered_animals
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