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Life With Koko Issue Date: 02-16-2003

Cool Spots imageVisit The Gorilla Foundation and meet Koko at www.koko.org. Koko, the world's most renowned gorilla, can sign more than 1,000 words. She will teach you American Sign Language as well as a language she developed on her own. You're sure to love Koko's Christmas QuickTime video. Check out the pictures she has taken and see pictures of Koko as a baby. People all over the world are trying to help gorillas. One way you can help is by expanding your knowledge about these animals, so subscribe to Koko's eNews for the latest gorilla information. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.koko.org
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Pass The Ants, Please Issue Date: 02-02-2003

Cool Spots imageLearn about The Online Anteater, one of nature's strangest creatures, at www.maiaw.com/anteater. You can read about the anteater's odd body features, such as its tube-like nose and ultra-long tongue. In Fun Stuff, learn to say anteater in 27 languages and read anteater comics. Then head to Feeding for a glimpse at the anteater's unsavory eating habits. They consume up to 30,000 insects in one day. Be sure to catch the picture of an anteater diving nose-first into a termite mound. If you had a 2-foot tongue, you'd eat termites and ants, too!

Visit: www.maiaw.com/anteater
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Whence We Came Issue Date: 01-12-2003

Cool Spots imageLearn about Becoming Human at www.becominghuman.org. This site makes you a paleoanthropologist, a person who studies ancient humans. Donald Johanson, who unearthed the famous Lucy skeleton in Africa, takes you on a journey to discover the origins of humanity. Watch an interactive documentary and examine fossil evidence of human evolution. You'll learn about our nearest genetic relatives when you reconstruct two skeletons in the Learning Center and compare DNA patterns in Chromosome Connection.

Visit: www.becominghuman.org
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A Horse Is a Horse, of Course Issue Date: 08-18-2002

Cool Spots imageUnearth ancient horse skeletons at the Fossil Horse Cybermuseum at www.flmnh.ufl.edu/natsci/vertpaleo/fhc/FirstCM.htm. Amazing Feets uses horse toes to demonstrate how horses are related to other animals. Emperor Augustus Caesar and Lord Poseidon answer the important question "What's in a Name?" In Stratigraphy, you can find out how time hides the remains of horses. On a Sedimental Journey, you can learn how layers of rock define geographic eras. Finally, gallop to the Gallery of Fossil Horses.

Visit: www.flmnh.ufl.edu/natsci/vertpaleo/fhc/FirstCM.htm
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Online: Wolves and Bears, Oh My! Issue Date: 09-23-2001

Cool Spots imageRoar through the Grizzly Discovery Center at www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.com. You'll find some of the cutest and scariest grizzlies in the wild. Meet Toby, an 800-pound bear who is over 8 feet tall when standing on his hind legs. Then get to know his friends, Kobuk and Nakina, two cuddly twin cubs. The center also has 10 gray wolves. Learn about all the wolves, from Lamar, the leader of the pack, to Lakuna, the lowest ranking female. You can also pick up some fun facts about bears and wolves at the kids page. With all of the cool images, you're sure to remember these animals. Take a trip to this Yellowstone reserve and join the pack for a day.

Visit: www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.com
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