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Lively Livestock Issue Date: 09-25-2005

Cool Spots imageThe Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University presents Breeds of Livestock at www.ansi.
. Serving as an informational resource, this site contains alphabetical listings of the breeds of livestock. "Moo"ve over to Cattle and check out Dairy Breeds of North America. Saddle up to Horses and explore their history. For sheer enjoyment, visit Sheep and learn about Merino Varieties. Swing over to Swine for a geographical history and to Goats for ancestry information.

Visit: www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds
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Yippee-Ki Yay Issue Date: 08-21-2005

Cool Spots imageSaddle up for an awesome ride with the 4-H Horse Farm at http://sites.ext.vt.edu/virtualfarm. Visit a Horse Farm and watch movies about the ins and outs of owning horses. Carousel of Breeds and Horse of a Different Color introduce you to the characteristics of different types of horses. Quiz yourself in Virginia Is for Horses, or play a matching game in Horsing Around. At the 4-H Horse Show, meet real riders and learn what it's like to compete. Yee haw!

Visit: http://sites.ext.vt.edu/virtualfarm
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The Story of Chai, Asian Elephant Issue Date: 07-17-2005

Cool Spots imageWitness the amazing birth of the first Asian elephant born at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo at www.zoo.org/
. Read The Story of Chai's selection for the program and the science involved with her pregnancy. The site features biological facts about Asian elephants as well as cool descriptions of how elephants have been used throughout history. Then take time to meet The Baby. You can watch tons of videos, view photos in the Gallery, and learn how baby Hansa got her name. This site is huge!

Visit: www.zoo.org/chai/site/main.htm
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A Hare to Remember Issue Date: 06-26-2005

Cool Spots imageEmbark on a journey to the far north of Canada with Ukaliq, the Arctic Hare, at www.nature.ca/ukaliq. Familiarize yourself with Canada's least-known northern animal from a biological, cultural and scientific perspective. What makes this hare different? Hop over to About the Arctic Hare to discover their Characteristics, Habitat and Individual and Social Behaviors. Nibble your way to Heritage, History and Art to view the hare in a different light. For hare-raising fun, check out Games and Activities. At this site, you'll be hopping with the hippest of hares.

Visit: www.nature.ca/ukaliq
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A 'Purr-fect' Site Issue Date: 05-15-2005

Cool Spots imagePounce on the opportunity to discover Big Cats at http://dialspace.dial.pipex.
. Paw through History and Evolution to trace the links between the various species. In Species, use a world map or alphabetically view the list of big cats. Be sure to view the Flat-Headed Cat and the Spanish Lynx. Wild Cat Behaviour educates you on the hunting techniques cats use or the social behaviors needed to raise their young. Many of these big cats are facing the possibility of extinction. In Conservation, take a look at the endangered species list or the list of organizations that are helping out. Sink your claws into this site.

Visit: http://dialspace.dial.pipex.com/agarman/bco/ver4.htm
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