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Horseback Riding Issue Date: 06-25-2017

Cool Spots image Love Horseback Riding, lovehorsebackriding.com, was created by rider and trainer Lisa Rask. She began taking lessons at the age of 8 and has been working with horses ever since. If you love horses, select Beginners Start Here and choose from topics such as How to Ride, How to Bridle Correctly and Donít Get Kicked. Becoming a horse trainer requires years of experience working with and riding horses. Find out how to become certified in Follow Your Dreams. The most important piece of Riding Gear is your helmet. All riders should wear one, regardless of their skills.

Visit: http://lovehorsebackriding.com
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Essential Bats Issue Date: 08-28-2016

Cool Spots imageDid you know that a single bat eats between 2,000 and 6,000 insects every night? The Organization for Bat Conservation, batconservation.org/learn/about-bats, wants you to know the contributions bats make in the world. Watch Fun Facts About Bats to learn about the different species, what they eat and where they live. You may be shocked to know that some bats can fly 50 miles per hour. In Myths and Facts About Bats, see why these mammals are critical to pollination, medicine, technology, vegetation and insect control. In Threats to Bats, learn why white-nose syndrome is a major problem.

Visit: http://batconservation.org/learn/about-bats
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Bat Cave Issue Date: 08-03-2014

Cool Spots imageCreep into the Kidz Cave, batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats/kidz-cave.html, to learn all about these beneficial creatures. Have you ever seen a bat music video? Watch Echolocation and learn fun facts as you listen to Batney Ears sing. Move on to Arts and Crafts, where you can make a crazy Bat Mask, play the Names and Faces coloring match game and print out an issue of Critter Connections. If you want to learn more, download Another Crossword Puzzle and see how much you remember. Now, youíll really test your knowledge as you take the Bat Quiz.

Visit: http://batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats/kidz-cave.html
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Skeletal Anatomy Issue Date: 01-20-2013

Cool Spots imageIf you like animals, you may have wondered what's underneath all that fur you see at the zoo. Now you can examine the bones inside primates at eSkeletons, eskeletons.org. Did you know that gorillas are mainly vegetarian and have special stomachs to help them eat tough plants? As you scroll through skeletons you'll learn all kinds of facts about primates, including humans! Examine the craniums of a gorilla and a chimp side by side in Comparative Anatomy. Which is smarter? The Glossary is a great resource for your next project.

Visit: eskeletons.org
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Kidz Cave Issue Date: 10-28-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out All About Bats, batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats.html, and why they are so important in keeping our ecosystem healthy and saving farmers billions of dollars each year. Did you know that a single little brown bat can eat more than 1,000 tiny insects in one hour? Intro to Bats describes the benefits of bats and how they serve as pest control experts, pollinators and seed dispersers around the world. Have some fun at the Kidz Cave with a collection of crossword puzzles, downloadable arts and crafts, and even a bat quiz to test your knowledge of these fascinating, featherless flying creatures.

Visit: batcon.org/index.php/all-about-bats.html
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