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Winging It Issue Date: 08-16-2009

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Avian Resurrection, www.rspb.org.uk/youth/play/popup_
, where flying creatures take center stage as you move them into new territories. Your mission is to create new species of birds to live on different planets. Closely survey the variety of worlds you can choose. Their special characteristics will dictate what kinds of birds will be able to survive and thrive in these new environments. Once you have decided on their new homes, you will build two types of birds and set them free to see if they'll make it. Good luck with your flying friends, you ingenious creator!

Visit: www.rspb.org.uk/youth/play/popup_avianresurrection.asp
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Tweet Tweet! Issue Date: 12-21-2008

Cool Spots imageTake a virtual trip into the great outdoors at the Canadian Museum of Nature's "Birds" interactive gallery at http://nature.ca/discover/exb/index_e.cfm. Hear the call of the wild when you try to identify the sounds made by different birds. Next take a look at some bird beaks and try to match them to their owners as you learn all about that bird's special diet. If you want to see more of our beautiful feathered friends, visit Birdwatching Hot Spots, and then make sure to discover all it takes to attract birds to your yard. With just a few simple purchases, your backyard can be a birdwatcher's paradise in no time.

Visit: http://nature.ca/discover/exb/index_e.cfm
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Take Action Issue Date: 06-10-2007

Cool Spots imageAudubon, a conservation organization at www.audubon.org, challenges everyone, including you, to adopt conservation efforts. Reduce, reuse and recycle your way into green living. The next time you sit down to eat, help your mom and dad with tips on food that encourage safe environmental practices. Audubon at Home can teach you to make a difference to help local wildlife with sustainable plants. Then learn what you can do to help with water conservation in your back yard. Most important be informed and speak out.

Visit: www.audubon.org
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Gobble Gobble Issue Date: 11-13-2005

Cool Spots imageExamine the life and times of one of America's most incredible birds at American Turkey at www.carnegiemnh.org/exhibits/turkey/american_turkey.html. In Meet the Turkey, learn all about turkeys and even click on a body part for more info. Turkeys have been roaming the Americas for 10 million years. A Turkey's Tale highlights Turkeys in America, Turkeys on the Move and A Bird for All Seasons. Find out why the turkey is more than just a Thanksgiving main course.

Visit: www.carnegiemnh.org/exhibits/turkey/american_turkey.html
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Outside the Shell Issue Date: 09-11-2005

Cool Spots imageSee what's pipping out at 4-H Embryology at http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/Embryology. This site is an excellent resource for learning how to incubate eggs and what to expect during the hatching. In Candling, find out about using a bright light to study the growth and development of an embryo. View photos and videos of ducks, turkeys, peacocks and chickens hatching in Photos and Movie Clips. Also, learn why scientists inject colored dye into embryos. Resources and Updates provide answers to any questions you may have. This site is "egg"-cellent.

Visit: http://lancaster.unl.edu/4h/Embryology
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