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Going Green Issue Date: 09-13-2009

Cool Spots imageEmbrace your environmental side at Eekoworld, http://pbskids.org/eekoworld. From making smart choices around the house to knock-knock jokes, this site has Earth-friendly fun for every kid around. If you are feeling especially creative, you can even build your own eco-creature! First decide whether your creation lives in water or roams around on land. Then figure out what kind of diet you want it to have. You will then choose body parts for your animal. Finally, find it a new home on the map and see how everything turns out! Have fun!

Visit: http://pbskids.org/eekoworld
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360 users rated this site
Life in Balance Issue Date: 07-19-2009

Cool Spots imageScholastic Explorers wants to educate you on the endangered ecosystems that exist on Earth at http://teacher.
. With the help of researchers, here you'll discover the many important roles that animals, both big and small, play in keeping our world happy and healthy. The humble caterpillar, predatory wildcat and the busy Brazilian beaver are ready to provide you with clues that reflect the changes in their habitats. By watching these animals closely, you can help make good choices that might just save our beautiful planet.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic. com/activities/explorer/ecosystems
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Darwin's Travels Issue Date: 05-31-2009

Cool Spots imageBoard the Beagle with Charles Darwin and embark on a quest to discover Animals, Adaptation and the Galapagos Islands at http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/explorations/adaptation. When Darwin traveled to the mysterious Galapagos Islands, he was met by many new and unfamiliar animals that helped him to develop his theories. This location was rich in biodiversity and served Darwin well. You can now follow in Darwin's footsteps as you tour the Galapagos Islands yourself, helping animals as you go. Each challenge will bring you closer to Darwin's discoveries, so have fun and experience something new.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/explorations/adaptation
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Into the Great Wild Issue Date: 07-20-2008

Cool Spots imageWild and crazy animal friends are waiting for you at Science and Nature: Animals, www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/wild. If you are going on an overseas vacation this year, visit Holiday Guide, where you can look around a map of Europe to see what animals inhabit the different regions. Amazing Animals features cool creatures that you can search alphabetically. For example, did you know the uakari, a red-faced primate, lives in swampy forestlands? If you want more in-depth information, check out Creature Close-Up with videos, sounds and other colorful animal features.

Visit: www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/wild
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You'll Go Wild! Issue Date: 11-18-2007

Cool Spots imageGet to know some cool and crazy animals at Kids Go Wild, www.kidsgowild.com. Open your eyes wide and click on Wild Animal Facts where you can find out about all kinds of awesome animals from birds to mammals around the world. You won't need a trip to Madagascar to meet the African pygmy goose. Then it's off for a visit to Asia where you will come face-to-face with the Asian elephant who can live up to 60 years! Solve puzzles and take trivia tests in Wild Arcade. Later, look up Wildlife News and check out the calendar to catch up on current animal events.

Visit: www.kidsgowild.com
User Rating: 3.1549893842885stars
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