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Wildlife Migration Issue Date: 06-17-2001

Cool Spots imageFly the friendly skies with Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration at www.learner.org/jnorth. Find out how you can help track many species' migration north for the summer. See where some magnificent bald eagles have been sighted this spring, and discover how a New York biologist raised the number of nesting eagles from two to more than 102. Also, check out the migration patterns of robins, manatees and even humpback whales. Watch for the budding signs of spring in tulips, frogs, earthworms and maple sugaring. Make sure to examine today's news to catch the latest on the Journey North project. Spread your wings and fly over to this amazing site today.

Visit: www.learner.org/jnorth
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Animal Magnetism Issue Date: 10-08-2000

Cool Spots imageYou've seen him on television. Now you can visit Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures on the Web at www.jack
Follow his adventures to Alaska and to Africa by viewing the Web episodes. Then monkey around a bit at the Kid's Lair. You can take an animal quiz or ask Jack a question. Be sure to download Jack's picture, too. Learn all about Jack's life and his dedication to the wild world of animals.

Visit: www.jackhanna.com
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Toronto Zoo Issue Date: 04-30-2000

Cool Spots imageLions and tigers and polar bears. Oh my! Head for the great white north to the Toronto Zoo Web site at www.torontozoo.com. You'll get the lowdown on the zoo's wide range of exhibits, from the South African Fur Seals to the "Underground Zoo," where visitors get to peer into the interior of a beaver's lodge. Or find out about the new arrivals at the zoo, such as the blue poisonous dart frog and the Pygmy hippopotamus. The site is also home to a great "Kids Korner," where you'll find animal jokes and some pretty cool artwork. You can even draw a picture of your visit to the zoo and submit it to the site. Answer the call of the wild. Join the zoo crew today.

Visit: www.torontozoo.com
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Wild Egypt Issue Date: 12-12-1999

Cool Spots imageGet ready for a virtual safari at Wild Egypt, a cool online adventure in search of the country's wonderful wildlife. Wear your khaki pants and hiking boots to http://touregypt.net/wildegypt and meet the animal kingdom that makes this country so special. You'll get the chance to choose your destination, whether the underwater world of the Red Sea, the awe-inspiring Egyptian land, or the historic shores of the Nile River. Browse through photos of the Nile's natural wonders, including colorful birds, beautiful fish and the ever-ferocious crocodiles! Looking for more "seafari" action? The Red Sea section is loaded with goodies, including pictures of sea cows, coral reef and some pesky crabs. Just remember to steer clear of the poisonous lion fish! Desert dwellers may prefer the offerings on land, however, including camels, snakes and sand cats. You'll even meet the adorable desert foxes. And in case the cobras are bothersome, fierce mongooses will be sure to protect you. Explorers, it's time for a camel ride to discover Egypt's beautiful habitats.(Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://touregypt.net/wildegypt
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The Living Desert Issue Date: 02-21-1999

Cool Spots imageFill up your water bottles and get out your binoculars because you're about to take a cool journey to North America's hottest spots. Hitch your way out west by jumping onboard www.desertusa.com/animal.html and see the amazing critters hiding in the desert! There are hundreds of species of mammals, insects, birds and reptiles living in the deserts. And what makes them more fascinating is that they have learned to live in the extreme environments of the hottest, driest places on Earth. Find out how bats use echoes to fly across the night skies, and how desert mice find water. Quicktime videos let you crawl across the desert floor with a creepy tarantula or burrow down with the prairie dogs. And don't forget the whales . . . whales?! Yes, there's even some water in certain deserts, and you can cruise the Sonoran desert on a virtual boat voyage. Have a blast discovering the world of desert animals. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.desertusa.com/animal.html
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