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Searching for Origins in Belize Issue Date: 10-24-2004

Cool Spots imageThe web of life can be difficult to untangle, but the scientists in From Jungle to Lab know that even the tiniest bug is a puzzle piece in the study of biodiversity. Head over to www.exploratorium.edu/origins/belize-london to watch workers at a research station in Belize spend their days cataloguing and studying living things using microscopes. Chapal Bol, a Belize native, uses his intimate knowledge of the forest to help gather specimens. You'll meet him and others dedicated to biology in People.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/origins/belize-london
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Creatures Down Under Issue Date: 09-19-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Wildlife of Sydney welcomes you to its home at http://faunanet.gov.au/wos. In Animals, discover the purpose of the loud drone of cicadas. Or examine the life cycle of jellyfish and break down the anatomy of sea squirts. Habitats are grouped by region, including the heath and intertidal areas. After you learn about the animals and their surroundings, try to match them up in Activities. When you're finished, quiz yourself on everything from ants to stick insects.

Visit: http://faunanet.gov.au/wos
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At the Center of Conservation Issue Date: 08-22-2004

Cool Spots imagePandas are near the top of the endangered species list. Conservation Central at http://nationalzoo.si.edu/
has games and interactive exhibits that will teach you what can be done to save these lovable creatures. Try designing a panda habitat that includes water, food and shade. If you do a good job, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian will come out to explore. A Habitat Adventure allows you to decide if an area should be off limits to humans so that endangered plants and animals can thrive again.

Visit: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Education/ConservationCentral
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Bio-Diverse World Issue Date: 03-21-2004

Cool Spots imageImagine hearing just one kind of bird outside for the rest of your life. Sound boring? That's the essence of Biodiversity and Conservation: The Web of Life at archive.fieldmuseum.org/ biodiversity. Life is interesting when we have many kinds of plants, animals and insects living with us. Investigate Biodiversity to find reasons why we should strive to save endangered species. In Meet the Scientist, you will find people who record the diversity of life, such as Dr. Steven Goodman, who lives in Madagascar to study its ecosystems.

Visit: archive.fieldmuseum.org/biodiversity
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Where the Waters Divide Issue Date: 12-14-2003

Cool Spots imageBridging the Watershed, at www.bridgingthewatershed.org/hbf/kidszone_index.shtml, is an interactive lab where you learn about creatures in and around water. The Plant ID Decision Tree and Macroinvertebrate ID activities will teach you to recognize plants and small creatures by their unique combination of traits. Follow the fish journey game "Go Fish." Your school of fish will grow from fertilized eggs to mature fish as they travel downstream. Then they return to reproduce. Just watch out for hazards such as antifreeze and bridge construction.

Visit: www.bridgingthewatershed.org/hbf/kidszone_index.shtml
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