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Animal Alert Issue Date: 06-25-2006

Cool Spots imageDiscover the rise of the animal kingdom with The Shape of Life at www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife. In Origins, see what group of creatures scientists believe to have been the first animal. Learn about movement for survival when you read up on Life on the Move and The First Hunter. Stake your claim on new territory with The Conquerors, and become a survivor when you learn about animal diversity. See where you fit in this awesome circle of life with Bones, Brawn and Brains.

Visit: www.pbs.org/kcet/shapeoflife
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The Story of Chai, Asian Elephant Issue Date: 07-17-2005

Cool Spots imageWitness the amazing birth of the first Asian elephant born at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo at www.zoo.org/
. Read The Story of Chai's selection for the program and the science involved with her pregnancy. The site features biological facts about Asian elephants as well as cool descriptions of how elephants have been used throughout history. Then take time to meet The Baby. You can watch tons of videos, view photos in the Gallery, and learn how baby Hansa got her name. This site is huge!

Visit: www.zoo.org/chai/site/main.htm
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Crazy Craniums Issue Date: 07-17-2005

Cool Spots imageGet inside your head with Skulls, a California Academy of Sciences Web site exhibit, at www.calacademy.
. What is a Skull? Associates at the California Academy share their opinions. Structure and Function provides facts and answers to skull questions. Have you ever wondered why animal skulls look so different? In Diversity, check out different skulls and how they have adapted to the environment. Believe it or not, skulls are composed of living tissue and can tell a lot about a creature. In Living Tissue, with Field Associate Raymond Bandar's help, examine a sea lion's skull. Be hard-headed about this site.

Visit: www.calacademy.org/exhibits/skulls
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Kingdom Animalia Issue Date: 01-16-2005

Cool Spots imageHear the call of the wild at http://animal
where animals rule the kingdom. Animal Diversity Web teaches you about many different species of animals using pictures and sounds. You can select any of the categories of animals to learn about their biological make-up, habits and habitats. Special Topics has information on cool subjects like Spinning Skulls, Mammal Anatomy and Frog Calls. About Animal Names teaches you the scientific names of animals. In no time at all, you'll become an expert in animal classification.

Visit: http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu
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Diversifying Biology Issue Date: 01-09-2005

Cool Spots imageThe planet is crawling with all kinds of life, and Biodiversity 911 at www.biodiversity911.org teaches you about biodiversity and the importance of its preservation. The site features information on the various species on the planet and the abuse or extinction of different plants and animals. Wildlife Trade tells of the illegal smuggling of animals. Soil highlights the dangers of soil erosion, and Forests details the destruction of the world's forests. To swim with some of the world's most diverse species, don't forget to visit the Fisheries.

Visit: www.biodiversity911.org
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