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Can't We All Just Get Along? Issue Date: 12-08-2002

Cool Spots imageGo Out on a Limb at www.urbanext.
and learn how to get along with others. Everyone gets mad once in a while, so it is important to understand how to handle anger effectively. Visit with Maria to find out how she dealt with a friend who called her stupid. Then talk with Cliff to learn what he did when he found out his brother wouldn't keep a secret. You'll discover how to deal with anger by thinking and sharing, and learn that perspective plus listening equals understanding.

Visit: www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/conflict
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Living With Asthma Issue Date: 12-01-2002

Cool Spots imageInhale a refreshing Breath of Life at www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/breath/breathhome.html. You'll find Erica's Story about her experiences with asthma. Interactives, such as the QuickTime video "The Problem With Asthma in the World/USA," give insight into the struggles with asthma that both individuals and the medical field face. Scientists have researched asthma, and today it is manageable. Find out which famous people are included in Faces of Asthma, such as Beethoven and JFK.

Visit: www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/breath/breathhome.html
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Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay? Issue Date: 10-06-2002

Cool Spots imageFind out about drug abuse at Mind Over Matter at http://teens.drugabuse.gov/mom/index.php. Join your guide, Sara Bellum, as you explore the negative effects on your brain of such drug classes as opiates, inhalants, hallucinogens, stimulants, methamphetamine and more. You'll find explanations of the health risks of drugs as well as information about how drugs damage your brain and body. The Teacher's Guide is a great starting place for tackling this topic in class.

Visit: http://teens.drugabuse.gov/mom/index.php
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Cyber Knowledge And Emotion Issue Date: 07-14-2002

Cool Spots imageTravel to CYKE at www.cyke.com/land.swf and learn about emotional and physical health. You'll find exciting, interactive stories, such as A Cog Story and The Caterpillar Who Wouldn't Fly. Let Piggy, Monkey, Tripitaka and Sandy guide you when you depart from Adventure Station. Inside Castle Fairhope, you can enjoy music, magic and games about emotions and health. Both real and imaginary animals reside in the Densmore Forest. Plan to visit CYKE today.

Visit: www.cyke.com/land.swf
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Medicinal Mysteries Issue Date: 05-19-2002

Cool Spots imageThe year is 2252, and the Reconstructors need your help solving medicinal mysteries from the past at http://reconstructors.rice.edu. A new Dark Age has dawned on Earth. Join the search to find a new source of pain relief. The four-episode saga takes you across the world to learn about history, science and geography while you search for facts about certain pain-reducing substances. The future of the world rests in your ability to search for clues and solve problems.

Visit: http://reconstructors.rice.edu
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