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Rub-A-Dub-Dub Issue Date: 04-17-2005

Cool Spots imageMeet the lean, mean, clean machines of the NSF Scrub Club at www.scrubclub.org. This group of kids will teach you the six important steps to hand washing and introduce you to the dangers of germs. Check out the Five Finger Alert to get the lowdown on the flu. Villains introduces you to Scrub Club enemies such as food-borne illness and bacteria. Watch the Webisodes to see the Scrub Club face their foes head on. Don't forget to check out the Games, a fun way to test what you've learned. When you team up with the Scrub Club, you'll be a "soaper" hero.

Visit: www.scrubclub.org
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Psych! Issue Date: 07-27-2003

Cool Spots imageHave you ever been fooled by an optical illusion? At the Internet Psychology Lab at www.ipsych.com, try psychology experiments that let you explore how your brain works and how it sometimes doesn't work. In Cognition, test your reaction time and learn about the Stroop effect. Then head over to Visual Perception for some mind-bending mirages. Some of the explanations may be a little advanced, so keep a dictionary handy. Whatever you do, don't let these brainteasers give you a headache.

Visit: www.ipsych.com
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It's My Life Issue Date: 06-01-2003

Cool Spots imageEver feel like people just don't understand you? It's My Life, at http://pbskids.org/itsmylife, lets you explore your feelings about your school, your friends and yourself. Get some advice on confessing your crush to the class cutie in Friends. In Family, learn how your birth order might affect your personality. Print out some sample journal pages in School to record your innermost thoughts about classes you can't stand or about embarrassing moments. This site has loads of advice on important everyday life stuff.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/itsmylife
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Genetic Gene-ius Issue Date: 05-11-2003

Cool Spots imageEver wonder what can happen when genes mutate? Take a good look at Your Genes, Your Health at www.ygyh.org. The site lists 15 gene-related disorders, including well-known disorders, such as Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease, and lesser-known ones, such as Fragile X syndrome. Get the lowdown on causes, symptoms and treatment of disorders that may affect somebody you know. Video clips allow you to take a walk in the shoes of someone who suffers from a genetic disorder. Get going, gene-ius.

Visit: www.ygyh.org
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Psyched Up Issue Date: 12-15-2002

Cool Spots imageGet psyched for KidsPsych's adventures at www.kidspsych.org. Join Oochy at the Circus where you can paint a performing seal, and help Eudora make it to Patrick's house. Then team up with Oochina to fix the engines on her space station and to solve her doughnut dilemma. Act quickly and carefully to solve the tricky adventures, but don't get psyched out. Each adventure is related to studies in psychology. You can read about the studies and learn about the psychological basis of each adventure.

Visit: www.kidspsych.org
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