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A Foray Into Fitness Issue Date: 09-11-2011

Cool Spots imageYouíll be energized in no time with WebMD's Fit Kids, http://fit.webmd.com/kids. Begin with Food to figure out what fuel will benefit your body the most by checking out activities and taking stock of your meals. Now shake it up in Move, where you can play Bubble Rubble and browse through the Fit MOVE Handbook to create your new fitness regime. Are you tired yet? Recharge with a slide show featuring ways to unwind and then make sure to get a good night of sleep. Stay healthy and be happy!

Visit: http://fit.webmd.com/kids
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Learn it All Issue Date: 09-11-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Infinite Learning Lab, http://learninglab.org, has a little something for everyone no matter what your interests are. Digital learning is the wave of the future, so take a few minutes to scroll through the lessons before you begin. Help Nermal learn Self-Control as he struggles with his emotions. Peer Pressure hooks you up with Odie as he faces tough choices when he tries to be cool. The Kool Kat Karl Show will help you think about media in new ways, too. So learn about Giving Back, Diversity, Online Safety and more with the famous Garfield cast.

Visit: http://learninglab.org
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Empowering You Issue Date: 05-01-2011

Cool Spots imageHow healthy are you? Strive to be the healthiest you can be at Empower Me, www.empowerme
. Shake a leg on over to My Life and see what you can do to improve your health with tips and tricks sponsored by the American Heart Association. You can also read stories from other kids who have struggled with health issues and discover the secrets to their success. If you are looking for ideas on how to get active with your friends and family, see what is happening close to you when you enter your state. Have fun and stay healthy.

Visit: www.empowerme2b.org
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Bounce Back Issue Date: 02-27-2011

Cool Spots imageBecome a stronger you at Embrace the Future, Resilient Kids' Site, www.embracethefuture.org.au/kids. First things first, discover your strengths when you take the resiliency quiz. Answer thought-provoking questions and get tips on becoming happier and healthier. Click on Being Me to read through all the reasons why being different makes you amazing. If you are feeling down, read up on Solving Problems, where you can brainstorm solutions and learn to think sunny thoughts even when itís cloudy and gray.

Visit: www.embracethefuture.org.au/kids
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Perfect Peepers Issue Date: 01-02-2011

Cool Spots imageBeing able to see is one of those things we often take for granted, but Annie's Unite for Sight Website for Kids, www.uniteforsight.
, brings sight into full focus. Scroll through How Do Your Eyes Work for information on how your brain and eyes stay connected when you survey your surroundings. Meet Annie, a super smart dog, to get the scoop on protecting your sight and helping others protect theirs. Look through the terms and click on one to learn more. With options such as guide dogs and optical illusions, a wealth of knowledge is in sight!

Visit: www.uniteforsight.org/kids/eyeworks.php
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