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Heart Heroes Issue Date: 11-11-2012

Cool Spots imageTake the Be the Beat Challenge, bethebeat.heart.
, and learn to save a life. Did you know that if a person over the age of 8 collapses, Hands-Only CPR can save their life? Watch the video and you'll know which steps to take if a friend needs your help. Now Take the Hearttrek, a 3-D adventure that shows what happens to the heart during cardiac arrest. Try to make the right decisions to save Paul's life! One hundred beats per minute is more challenging than you might think. Earn points for mastering the rhythm when you play games at Learn & Play.

Visit: bethebeat.heart.org
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Why Do Our Teeth Chatter? Issue Date: 09-16-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Body Explained, bioedonline.org/
, is a collection of entertaining videos starring anatomy expert Professor Cassius Bordelon of the Baylor College of Medicine. Find answers to common questions about how your body works. For example, what makes our teeth chatter when we get cold? Watch the video to discover the "chilling" facts! There are all kinds of ways to get rid of hiccups, but have you ever thought about what causes them? That mystery is explained, as well as the link between Mary Poppins and the surefire cure for hiccups.

Visit: bioedonline.org/body-explained
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Healthy Living Issue Date: 05-20-2012

Cool Spots imageLearn about the tiny friends and enemies that live in your body from the scientists who created Microbe Magic, microbemagic.ucc.ie. Microbes are microorganisms that live all around you, even inside you. Some keep you healthy and some make you sick. The four main types of microbes are bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In All About Microbes, find out the good, the bad and the ugly facts you need to know. Healthy Living gives you some great tips for staying well. Be sure to visit Games & Things to Do to play Go Fish, take fun quizzes and download experiments to do at home!

Visit: microbemagic.ucc.ie
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Investigate Health Issue Date: 04-15-2012

Cool Spots imageThe CDC invites you to Kidsí Quest, cdc.gov/ncbddd/kids, to become a virtual investigator. If you have a friend at school who looks or acts differently, he or she may have a disability. Gather facts at Mobility Quest and meet Allison Aldrich, who lost her leg to cancer at age 7 and became a silver medalist on the U.S. Womenís Volleyball team in the 2008 Paralympics. Next, take the Fact Checkup to see if your perceptions have changed. Visit Autism Spectrum Disorders Quest and meet Jason McElwain, an outstanding young athlete who has autism.

Visit: cdc.gov/ncbddd/kids
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Growing Pains Issue Date: 10-09-2011

Cool Spots imageIn your quest for kid's health information, We're Talking Too, Preteen Health, www.pamf.org/preteen, is a must-read. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation Adolescent Interest Group covers a broad range of topics, dealing with issues such as body changes, growing up and more. Being a teen can be tough because of the hormonal fluctuations you are bound to face. There are also special sections for boys and girls to address specific needs. Read up on Sleepaway Camp, Media Choices and Easy Etiquette. Remember, you are not alone!

Visit: www.pamf.org/preteen
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