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Importance of Sleep Issue Date: 04-02-2017

Cool Spots imageGetting enough rest is a crucial part of growing up and staying healthy. Sleep for Kids, sleepforkids.org, teaches you why getting enough sleep can help you succeed in everything from schoolwork to sports. Did you know that your brain creates a chemical that makes you sleepy? How Sleep Works explains the Sleep Cycle. If you are ready for a challenge, solve the crossword puzzle at Snooze Clues. Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Canít Sleep? shares the Sleep Traps you should avoid in order to get a good nightís rest. If youíre ever bothered by nightmares, learn how you can take the fright out of them in Dreams.

Visit: http://sleepforkids.org
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Eradicating Polio Issue Date: 03-26-2017

Cool Spots image Polio was a devastating infectious disease in the United States in the early 20th century, causing paralysis primarily in children under the age of 16. Whatever Happened to Polio?, amhistory.si.edu/polio/index.htm, looks at polioís history and how it was eliminated in the U.S. In The American Epidemics, learn how polio affected communities, families and doctors. A vaccine developed by Dr. Jonas Salk reduced the diseaseís occurrence in the United States by nearly 90 percent in its first two years. Read The Virus and Vaccine to learn how we still benefit from the cure

Visit: http://amhistory.si.edu/polio/index.htm
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Attention Detectives! Issue Date: 01-31-2016

Cool Spots imageThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention needs your help to Solve the Outbreak, cdc.gov/mobile/applications/sto/web-app.html. Begin in Level 1 and select a mission, then review the clues. Answer the questions correctly and solve the outbreak. Investigate a mysterious illness affecting a large number of government workers in Breathless in the Midwest. To find the source of the illness, you must collect clues and evaluate evidence. See more about how the CDC saves peopleís lives and protects their health in Learn.

Visit: http://cdc.gov/mobile/applications/sto/web-app.html
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Social Skills at the Zoo Issue Date: 06-14-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy working with animals? Meet Principal Wild, head of Zoo U, zoou.mybluemix.net, a school for future zookeepers. Begin with the Principalís Introduction, which will prepare you for the adventures you are about to experience. Each animal represents a social skill that you have to learn. In order to master each one, collect all 100 coins in a scene. New scenes are unlocked as you play. Help Owlivia regrow her feathers in science class by carefully following instructions to mix a special tonic. Youíll soon learn that following exact instructions is key to success at Zoo U.

Visit: http://zoou.mybluemix.net
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Mini-Epidemic Issue Date: 11-30-2014

Cool Spots imageThere is an Outbreak at Watersedge, www.mclph.umn.edu/watersedge/play.html, and the Department of Health needs your help! The department is responsible for keeping the public safe from disease outbreaks. Read bios and watch videos where staff members share their public health experiences. Now head to the lab, where epidemiologist Shoua Shinde has work for your first day as intern. Watch interviews and gather evidence to find the cause of a miniepidemic. The mapping technique that solved the 1854 London Cholera epidemic may help you.

Visit: http://www.mclph.umn.edu/watersedge/play.html
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