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Hockey Check Issue Date: 08-08-2004

Cool Spots imageIt's an open skate at Backcheck: Hockey for Kids at www.collections
. A team made up mostly of Irish-Catholic students from McGill University in Montreal started the game of hockey. In Early Days of Hockey, you'll discover that the goalies looked like cricket players, and teams used two stones to form the goal. Female players established a women's hockey league in the late 1880s. In Great Hockey Stories, you'll read about 9-year-old Abigail Hoffman, who went by the nickname "Ab" so that she could play in a boys' league.

Visit: www.collectionscanada.ca/hockey/kids/index-e.html
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Takin'It to the Streets Issue Date: 06-13-2004

Cool Spots imageSome sports you play on a court, some you play in your backyard. Streetplay, at www.streetplay.com, is all about sports played in the street or on the sidewalk. From stickball to skully, this site will introduce you to a sport that's new to you. Learn the rules for Ringoleavio, which takes a real hero to free the prisoners, or play Hit the Stick, where careful aim is the name of the game. The Gallery shows celebrities playing street sports, such as Willie Mays playing stickball, and it has a series of pictures devoted entirely to ice cream.

Visit: www.streetplay.com
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Ollies and Nollies Issue Date: 04-11-2004

Cool Spots imageFor the skateboard enthusiasts out there, Skateboard Science at www.exploratorium.edu/skateboarding has all the info you'll need to become a first-class skateboarder. Roll over some important board production techniques with leaders in production and design. Flip into the webcast archive to meet professional skateboarders such as Matt Fields, Mikey Reyes and Wade Speyer. Paul Doherty will teach you the physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/skateboarding
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Go Speed Racer! Issue Date: 03-28-2004

Cool Spots imageSprint to your Personal Best at http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0212240, but be sure to warm up properly. The Runner's Database tells how to be a safe runner. Learn correct stretching and posture techniques from high school track members. They answer questions on long- and short-distance running that can help you decide which is right for you. The students who created the site included their resources, so you can check them out for more information about running.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0212240
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A Healthy Connection Issue Date: 09-07-2003

Cool Spots imageThe Fitness Jumpsite at www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner is your connection to a lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and health. Jog into the Fitness Library, where you'll find great tips about managing your weight, using exercise equipment and staying active. The Activity Calorie Calculator shows how your workout stacks up against 158 activities. Build up your health with a tasty and nutritious eating plan. If this site gives you an information overload, then find out how vitamins can help you cope with stress.

Visit: www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner
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