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A League of Their Own Issue Date: 06-19-2005

Cool Spots imageDiamonds are a girl's best friend. Baseball diamonds, that is. At www.aagpbl.org, get on base with the women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League who played from 1943 to 1954. Read team rosters and view team photos under Players and Teams. Slide into League to learn the rules of the game, league records and information on Rules of Conduct and Charm School. Call a time-out to get to know the players in Player Biographies and Player Interviews. Then, in Player and Reunion Photos, take a look at the ladies, past and present. This site is a home run.

Visit: www.aagpbl.org
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Let's Go Surfing Now Issue Date: 05-22-2005

Cool Spots imageRide the waves to the International Surfing Museum at www.surfingmuseum.org for a gnarly look into the world of surfing. In Exhibit, you can paddle through the International Surfing Exhibit to view memorabilia from around the world, or visit the Kings of the Surf Exhibit to learn about the surfing legends of the '60s and '70s. Each year the Huntington Beach Walk of Fame inducts new members in five categories. You can see previous winners in the Walk of Fame. In Collection, trace the evolution of the surfboard or check out the Surf Music of Jan and Dean. Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes!

Visit: www.surfingmuseum.org
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Surf's Up! Issue Date: 03-13-2005

Cool Spots imageBefore grabbing your surfboard to head to the beach, first surf the net at Hanging Ten at www.exploratorium.
. Maximize your surfing experience by checking out satellite feeds and climate information of the best places to catch waves at Weather and Surf Report Resources and Forecast Surf at Your Beach. To learn about tides, experiment with the activities in Dance of the Tides. Roy Earnest celebrates Surfing for Life, which complements his gerontology work. Now you're ready to catch those gnarly waves.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/theworld/surfing
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Hockey Check Issue Date: 08-08-2004

Cool Spots imageIt's an open skate at Backcheck: Hockey for Kids at www.collections
. A team made up mostly of Irish-Catholic students from McGill University in Montreal started the game of hockey. In Early Days of Hockey, you'll discover that the goalies looked like cricket players, and teams used two stones to form the goal. Female players established a women's hockey league in the late 1880s. In Great Hockey Stories, you'll read about 9-year-old Abigail Hoffman, who went by the nickname "Ab" so that she could play in a boys' league.

Visit: www.collectionscanada.ca/hockey/kids/index-e.html
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Takin'It to the Streets Issue Date: 06-13-2004

Cool Spots imageSome sports you play on a court, some you play in your backyard. Streetplay, at www.streetplay.com, is all about sports played in the street or on the sidewalk. From stickball to skully, this site will introduce you to a sport that's new to you. Learn the rules for Ringoleavio, which takes a real hero to free the prisoners, or play Hit the Stick, where careful aim is the name of the game. The Gallery shows celebrities playing street sports, such as Willie Mays playing stickball, and it has a series of pictures devoted entirely to ice cream.

Visit: www.streetplay.com
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