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Kid Fitness Issue Date: 02-10-2013

Cool Spots imageGet off your seat and get into tiptop shape with the high-voltage fitness tips at electriKIDS, electrikids.com/kids.html. Do you dread going to P.E. class? Lots of kids feel this way, but getting fit doesn't have to be boring! Michael the Electridude shows you how to stay active and have fun with his breakdancing moves. Everyone is unique; that is why Make Your Own Workout helps you design one for you. ElectriGirl shares fun facts and tasty recipes. Test your knowledge of fitness terms on The Gameshow's Word Search.

Visit: electrikids.com/kids.html
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Join the Team Issue Date: 06-17-2012

Cool Spots imageAsk, Listen, Learn, asklistenlearn.com, is a community of kids who value fitness, academics, helping out in their community or all three. If you like any of these pursuits, you are on the team! Kids who enjoy sports or an active lifestyle might want to visit Superstars to read about other athletes. Swimmer Mallory Weggemann shares her courageous journey to the Paralympics after an injury left her paralyzed. Remmi Smith, the Culinary Kid whose dream of healthy kids led to a show, "Cook Time With Remmi," helps kids prepare healthy meals.

Visit: asklistenlearn.com
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Game On! Issue Date: 08-14-2011

Cool Spots imageThe First Golden Age of Cricket, www.nma.gov.
, will introduce you to a popular sport down-under in Australia. Hop on the lawn mower and begin your journey into a sport with a rich history. Where do talented cricket teams come from? Take a guess and choose the top 10 countries. Compare your list to the list of countries colonized by England. Do you see any similarities? Now rummage through the lockers of famous cricket players, learn about women’s cricket, and then create your own newsreel about the sport.

Visit: www.nma.gov.au/interactives/tlf/cricket
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Batter Up! Issue Date: 06-08-2008

Cool Spots imageCelebrate summer when you learn about the much loved American pastime at A Why Files Grand Salami, http://whyfiles.org/152baseball. The Science of Baseball brings together sports, math and science to help you understand how the atmosphere influences the game. Click on Denver's Big Advantage to find out why you might want to schedule your next game in the Rocky Mountain region. Wind up and let your curveball fly with new knowledge of how those red stitches help you launch a wild one. Before you head to your local baseball diamond, check the weather in Rained Out?

Visit: http://whyfiles.org/152baseball
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So Many Sports! Issue Date: 04-20-2008

Cool Spots imageGet in touch with your athletic side at Kids World Sports http://pbskids.org/
. Play Games and shred the slopes on your snowboard or take your cool kayak out for a challenge. Click on Athletes to meet other kids who enjoy the same sports as you, such as Connor the biker, Amanda the skier and others. Exercise your brain in Sports, where you will find great facts about tons of sports from diving to cheerleading. Choose the sport that interests you most and look into what you need to play and how to win! Good luck!

Visit: http://pbskids.org/kws
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