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Sports Illustrated for Kids Issue Date: 01-05-1997

Cool Spots imageDid you ever want to coach a basketball team with Shaquille O'Neal and Michael Jordan? At Hoop-O-Matic, you can do just that, by drafting and coaching your very own NBA team. Even if you're not a hoops hero, you can still test your skills and savvy in sports areas such as the Girl's Zone, the SI Kids Poll and Home Run Fever. Whether you're a football fanatic or an Olympics trivia buff, Sports Illustrated for Kids provides every young sports fan with enough action and instruction to fill an entire season with cheers and jeers. Once here, you'll get the latest news from your favorite athletes and professional teams. There's even a sports zone created by kids! It's time to win one for the team at www.sikids.com.

Visit: www.sikids.com
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Frisbee Fun & Fetch Freestyle Issue Date: 08-18-1996

Cool Spots imageEven if your dog's no Einstein, the Dallas Dog & Disc Club at www.dallasdogndisc.com can help you and your canine learn enough doggie disc basics to play a friendly game of flying fetch. From the first sniff of the plastic platter to getting Rover to give back the Frisbee once he's caught it, your friends in Dallas have the answers. If your dog is already a fine retriever, but you need practice with the Frisbee, hover at www.frisbee.com the Frisbee Freestyle page, where you can bone up on the most basic of basics and try out more advanced techniques like the "Flamingo Catch." While you're there, take a minute to ogle over the Freestyle slide show and videos. This is the perfect site for new and long-time Frisbee flingers, so check it out! (The second site is no longer available.)

Visit: www.dallasdogndisc.com
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Inline Online Issue Date: 06-02-1996

Cool Spots imageThere's no better way to spend those long summer days than being on a pair of inline skates. From aggressive skating to roller hockey, rollerblading is the fastest growing sport for kids. Inline Online has tricks, tips and techniques to help you become the best skater on the block. Find out how to build a skate ramp in your own backyard or where the best rollerparks can be found in your area. With Inline Online, you'll be ready for that next skate race or trick contest. Strap on those blades, and get ready to skate the World Wide Web to www.inlineonline.co.uk.

Visit: www.inlineonline.co.uk
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Major League Baseball Issue Date: 06-02-1996

Cool Spots imageStep up to the plate and hit an online drive at Major League Baseball's Web site, http://mlb.mlb.com. Complete with stats, schedules and player profiles, this is as close as it gets to hearing the crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd in person. There's even a special section just for kids where the stars of the game answer your hardest questions. Bring your glove, peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and be ready to catch those foul balls. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: http://mlb.mlb.com
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