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Sonic Safety Issue Date: 07-22-2012

Cool Spots imageFind out how to protect your hearing with games and activities at It's a Noisy Planet, www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov/
. You'll be shocked to hear the loud noises tractors, pigs and other animals make in Keeping Noise Down on the Farm. You may wonder what your friends will say if you wear ear protection. Get the Facts will teach you stylin' ways to protect your ears and what to say to your friends, because it's earplugs now or hearing aids later! Did you know a mouse can snore as loud as a human? Find out more in Noise in the News.

Visit: www.noisyplanet.nidcd.nih.gov/tweens
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Swim Safely Issue Date: 06-03-2012

Cool Spots imageThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers introduces Bobber the Water Safety Dog, bobber.info, an expert on how to have fun and stay safe in the water. Watch Corkey and Sinker and their exciting adventures at Waterbowl Lake in Cartoons. Learn why you should always bring a buddy and why swimming outside the swim area can be dangerous. Ranger Jane Doe explains why life jackets are important and teaches you how to choose the right one. Use the control panel to lock a large towboat with Ranger Buck's Lock Game. Then download coloring pages to review the safety rules.

Visit: bobber.info
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All About Rabies Issue Date: 12-18-2011

Cool Spots imageThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presents Rabies and Kids, www.cdc.gov/rabiesandkids. Click on What Is Rabies? to learn about the rabies virus and how it affects the brains of those who suffer from this sickness. Did you know that any mammal can contract rabies? Now check out the Warning Signs, such as excessive drooling, trouble moving and biting. If you think you have been exposed to rabies, be sure to see the doctor right away. Most people die if they are left untreated. Education is the best inoculation against this deadly disease.

Visit: www.cdc.gov/rabiesandkids
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Toxic Tales Issue Date: 08-07-2011

Cool Spots imageWelcome to Toxmystery, a place where kids can learn all about potentially harmful substances found in the home, http://toxmystery.nlm.nih.gov. Ring the doorbell and follow Toxie the cat to begin your challenge. Can you identify the hazards in Toxie's house? Go from room to room and see if you can answer questions about dangerous items such as paint, glue, heaters, poison and more. Watch your step and keep your eyes peeled. You will be surprised by some of what you see.

Visit: http://toxmystery.nlm.nih.gov
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The Hot Seat Issue Date: 10-03-2010

Cool Spots imageSee how much you know about fire safety at Scholastic's National Fire Prevention Week site, http://scholastic.com/firesafety. Make a comic strip with Sparky and the Space Dogs by choosing a layout and fire-safety message. Then help Sparky create a fire-escape plan to implement with your family members so that everyone stays safe. The Hunt for Home Hazards game will help you check your abode with a critical eye as you decide what is safe and what is dangerous. Remember that knowledge is the best safety measure there is!

Visit: http://scholastic.com/firesafety
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