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Fire Safety Smarts Issue Date: 07-07-2013

Cool Spots imageNow you can become a Fire Safe Kid, firesafekid.org, and help your family and friends learn just what to do to stay safe! Did you know that there are many items in your home that could start a fire or burn you? Some of these items should be used only by grown-ups. Enter the Kids Zone and play Hot or Not to find out which things you should avoid touching. Then Dress the Firefighter, but move fast, because the alarm is sounding! There are a few simple things to know about fires. Take the Fire Safety Quiz to find out what they are.

Visit: firesafekid.org
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Stay Safe! Issue Date: 06-09-2013

Cool Spots imageDanger Rangers, dangerrangers.com, are a friendly team of characters who want you to have fun and stay safe. Choose Music and jam to music videos such as Rules of the Road. Youíll be singing along to these catchy tunes in no time! Do you like adventures? Move on to Videos to watch full-length animated features like Mission 547, where the Rangers defeat hidden dangers by following important safety rules. Now itís time for Games, where you can play Hot Potato and help Squeeky find items in his house that can burn. Download Activities such as crafts, snack recipes or greeting cards for a good rainy-day project.

Visit: dangerrangers.com
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Fire Safety Fun Issue Date: 02-24-2013

Cool Spots imageMarty and his pet turtle Jett teach us how to stay safe at U.S. Fire Safety Administration for Kids, usfa.fema.gov/kids/flash.shtm. Would you like to Become a Jr. Fire Marshal? Complete each of three lessons, then take the quizzes that follow to help you study for the final test. Once you have passed the Jr. Fire Marshal test, you can download your official certificate. Now it's time for Fun and Games. Try to find the dangerous items in the room and remove them to make it safer in Hazard House. See if you know the correct answers to solve Marty and Jett's Crossword Puzzles.

Visit: usfa.fema.gov/kids/flash.shtm
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Heart Heroes Issue Date: 11-11-2012

Cool Spots imageTake the Be the Beat Challenge, bethebeat.heart.
, and learn to save a life. Did you know that if a person over the age of 8 collapses, Hands-Only CPR can save their life? Watch the video and you'll know which steps to take if a friend needs your help. Now Take the Hearttrek, a 3-D adventure that shows what happens to the heart during cardiac arrest. Try to make the right decisions to save Paul's life! One hundred beats per minute is more challenging than you might think. Earn points for mastering the rhythm when you play games at Learn & Play.

Visit: bethebeat.heart.org
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Sun Safety Issue Date: 08-12-2012

Cool Spots imageSunGuard Man, sunguardman.org, shows you how to be sun-safe this summer and keep your skin healthy. Battle those deadly UV Rays with sun protective gear as you play Ray-Zin-Noma Attacks the Ballpark. Be careful, itís a race against the clock to win! Try to dodge ultraviolet rays as you fly through the air in Avoiding Ultraviolet. Are you up to the challenge? When you are ready to kick back and relax, watch the Adventures of SGM and learn all about safety in the sun. In Man of Action, SunGuard Man shows you how to stay safe on the beach.

Visit: sunguardman.org
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