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Get Out Safely Issue Date: 03-30-2014

Cool Spots imageYou’ve probably had lots of fire drills at school. In Home Fire Drill, homefiredrill.org, you will learn why it is so important for every family to have an escape plan and practice it at home. Help Mikey Make It Out safely when the smoke alarm wakes him up. Help him make the right choices and learn helpful tips. For instance, if you are on the ground floor at home, should you use a door or a window to get out if the alarm sounds? What should you do if you forgot a favorite toy or game? Learn what to do if you see smoke, and other helpful lessons that will help your family stay safe in case of a fire.

Visit: http://homefiredrill.org
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Prevent Wildfires Issue Date: 03-02-2014

Cool Spots imageSmokey Bear – Only You Can Prevent Wildfires, smokeybear.com/kids, is an interactive exploration of Smokey’s Outpost. Whether you visit or live in or near a wooded area, wildfires pose a very serious threat. Now you can see what it’s like to be a real park ranger. Swim across the river three times to put out the fire in River Rage. Watch out for the animals – you never know what they might do! In Amazing Mazes you have to move the critter through the maze and collect the words in order to put Smokey’s safety messages back on the board. Are you up to the challenge?

Visit: http://smokeybear.com/kids
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Be Safe Issue Date: 12-08-2013

Cool Spots imageFind out if you and your family are doing all you can to stay out of danger at Fire Safety for Kids, firesafetyforkids.org. In Kids’ Zone, see if you can identify hidden dangers around the house when you take the Danger Challenge. Firefighters have to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. In the Exit Drill Maze, you must make your escape before the timer runs out. Flames are everywhere in Fireman Joe’s Adventure in Games. Try to put out the fire before it’s too late! Now create your own poster in the Coloring Game.

Visit: http://firesafetyforkids.org
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Chemical Sleuths Issue Date: 09-15-2013

Cool Spots imageNow you can be an expert for the Environmental Protection Agency when you learn how to watch out for pesticides at epa.gov/pesticides/kids. Search every room in the house to see if you can find any toxic substances in Learn About Household Chemicals. Looking for something fun to do outside? Pest Patrol has a whole list of backyard activities such as Dandy or Not? You will surprise your friends with your knowledge of everything you can do with dandelions. Endangered Species Facts is a great place to determine whether endangered species may live in your area. Download coloring pages to see the plants and animals near you.

Visit: epa.gov/pesticides/kids
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Peace Rules Issue Date: 08-25-2013

Cool Spots imageIt’s time to play the Cool School Game, coolschoolgame.com, where Dusty and Chaka take you through the magic doorway to a new world. A colorful collection of school supplies comes to life and demonstrates social scenarios at school. You can help them solve problems by making the right choices. For each correct answer, you earn a letter that stands for an important skill. This game is fun and will help you learn ways to get along with others at school. As you explore the buildings on campus, you will gather the skills you need to interact peacefully at school.

Visit: coolschoolgame.com
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