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Spud Facts Issue Date: 06-17-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Potato Story, www.thepotatostory. co.uk, uses fun facts, games and videos about potatoes that will have you taking a closer look at your chips and fries! Lifecycles tells about spuds before they arrive at the grocery store and end up on your plate. You are The Potato Detective in Healthy Potatoes, gathering facts to learn why the farmer's crop is not doing so well. Play the Growing Plants game to discover the life cycle of plants. Did you know that the largest potato ever grown weighed as much as a small dog? Click on the characters for more incredible facts.

Visit: www.thepotatostory.co.uk
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A Color a Day… Issue Date: 10-02-2011

Cool Spots imageHow many different colors come together on your plate? Fruits and Veggies Matter, www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov, wants to help you diversify your diet and boost your body's capabilities. Eating in season is very important, so click on Fruit and Vegetable of the Month to see which awesome eats, such as berries and dried fruits, are featured and discover different ways to enjoy them. Browse through Tips to get insider information that will have you creating and enjoying meals and snacks in no time. Share this one with family and enjoy a healthy meal tonight!

Visit: www.fruitsandveggiesmatter.gov
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Peak Performance Issue Date: 08-07-2011

Cool Spots imageSports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection, http://urbanext.illinois.edu/hsnut, is a wonderful resource for aspiring athletes, or those looking to improve their health and performance. Sports are increasingly competitive for young people, so get a leg up on your opponents with a healthy diet. Compare your diet to the Training Table Guide to see what you need to eat more of and what to leave on your plate to escape “fourth-quarter fatigue." The rules are simple, so you can begin today. Share this one with your coach to score a winning team!

Visit: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/hsnut
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Fun With Food Issue Date: 02-06-2011

Cool Spots imageWe all know not to play with our food, but Food Fun, From Apples to Zucchini, http://urbanext.illinois.edu/foodfun, will show you a good time while teaching you about fruits and veggies as you move through the alphabet. Find inspiration for cooking and snacking on some fruit classics, such as the apple. From applesauce to sticky taffy apple delights, the letter A will start your belly rumbling. You can also learn about garlic, horseradish and the humongous jackfruit. So spice up your life with a jalapeno or pucker up with a lemon today.

Visit: http://urbanext.illinois.edu/foodfun
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On Your Terms Issue Date: 10-24-2010

Cool Spots imageKids’ health is a popular topic nowadays. Students Taking Charge, http://studentstakingcharge.org, will help inspire you to make a positive change in your life, and might even have you blazing a trail of good health at your school. From better school lunches to fun fitness ideas, this site has great tips for talking to school administrators and getting them to speak your language. You can also interview or poll your fellow students so that everyone can get behind new menu and athletic choices.

Visit: http://studentstakingcharge.org
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