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Farm Facts Issue Date: 06-09-2013

Cool Spots imageDid you know that you will eat nearly a pound of insects in your lifetime? The Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab brings you Just for Kids, ars.usda.gov/Main/docs.htm?docid=
, a collection of studies on plants, soil, insects and more. There are more than 1,000 edible insect species in the world. Bug Recipes contain yucky dishes sure to gross out your family! Read about the many plants and animals Lewis and Clark discovered as they explored the West in the early 1800s. They even learned that prairie dogs never drink water and discovered the grizzly bear.

Visit: ars.usda.gov/Main/docs.htm?docid=13680
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Fresh and Tasty Issue Date: 05-26-2013

Cool Spots imageMeet a colorful group of friends and find out how to stay healthy when you visit The Taste Buddies, thetastebuddies.org. Professor Gettup can answer all of your food questions, such as why onions make your eyes water. Have you ever been to the grocery store with your mom and wondered what some of those vegetables in the produce section even are? Now you can find out in Know It, where Simonís A to Z Guide to Fruits and Vegetables shares photos and yummy facts about everything from asparagus to zucchini. Hope you paid attention, because now itís time to Play It and guess which fruit or veggie you see.

Visit: thetastebuddies.org
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Smart Eats Issue Date: 03-03-2013

Cool Spots imagePlay games and have fun at ZisBoomBah, zisboombah.com, as you learn healthy living skills. Are you already a healthy eater? Prove it in Games when you try to build a nutritious meal in Pick Chow. Ready for dessert? Oops! No dessert unless your meal gets a five-star rating. Now Get Cooking. View Recipes to find an afternoon snack, brain foods for test day or a light bedtime treat. If you are in a hurry, you can still eat on the run: Drinks & Smoothies is full of great recipes. Go to Fun Stuff to Get Active year-round when you download fun games to play indoors and out.

Visit: zisboombah.com
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Get Cookin' Issue Date: 01-06-2013

Cool Spots imageKids a Cookin', www.kidsacookin.ksu.edu, is an easy way for you to share healthy, kid-approved recipes with Mom and become a pint-sized chef in the kitchen. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you'll find scrumptious treats to tempt your taste buds in Recipes. Do you have a sweet tooth? Try a Banana Jungle Pop for a healthy after-school snack. Watch the video before you get started to see just how it's done. Tempting Tostadas are as yummy as tacos, but much less messy to eat! Look for Chef's Choice accompanying each recipe to get great ideas for side dishes that will complement your meal.

Visit: www.kidsacookin.ksu.edu
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Spud Facts Issue Date: 06-17-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Potato Story, www.thepotatostory. co.uk, uses fun facts, games and videos about potatoes that will have you taking a closer look at your chips and fries! Lifecycles tells about spuds before they arrive at the grocery store and end up on your plate. You are The Potato Detective in Healthy Potatoes, gathering facts to learn why the farmer's crop is not doing so well. Play the Growing Plants game to discover the life cycle of plants. Did you know that the largest potato ever grown weighed as much as a small dog? Click on the characters for more incredible facts.

Visit: www.thepotatostory.co.uk
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