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Nutrition Games Issue Date: 04-13-2014

Cool Spots imageGood food is fun and games when you visit Nourish Interactive, www.nourishinteractive.com/kids/healthy-games, where Chef Solus shares ideas and games for a healthy life. Help the chef gather healthy foods from the jungle in Pyramid Panic. Stay away from those pesky donuts and french fries Ė they will just slow you down! Do you like to cook? See if you can remember the recipe for healthy pancakes at the Cooking Academy. This activity is graded, so it may take more than one try. Help Kevin build great meals for the day as he goes from his kitchen to school and to the grocery store.

Visit: http://www.nourishinteractive.com/kids/healthy-games
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Time for Lunch Issue Date: 01-12-2014

Cool Spots imageVisit Fizzyís Lunchlab at PBS Kids, pbskids.org/lunchlab, where animated characters share recipes, videos, music and games. Hungry? Stop by Food and find recipes for all kinds of delicious dishes to make at home, such as Chicken and Vegetable Yakitori and Rainbow Wraps. In Videos, youíll enjoy funny webisodes about healthy eating and cooking. Did you know that too much sodium can give you a headache and make you tired? Silly friends in Games will keep you laughing as you solve each challenge in Fresh Pick. Now head over to My Kitchen to design and print your own Buddy Auto Bot.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/lunchlab
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Calling Future Chefs Issue Date: 11-24-2013

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy helping your mom or dad make nutritious meals? Spatulatta, spatulatta.com, encourages young cooks to use fresh ingredients to make healthy and delicious meals. Attend culinary classes at home with the video tutorials in Basic Skills. If you enjoy art and cooking, youíll love Artist in the Kitchen. Make a Mouse in the House for your next snack to share. Are you planning an entire meal for your family? Check out the Recipe Box and access a video library with more than 350 step-by-step lessons.

Visit: http://spatulatta.com
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Healthy Kids Issue Date: 10-06-2013

Cool Spots imageMyPlate Kidsí Place, choosemyplate.gov/kids, teaches healthy habits through fun and games. Play Nutrition Sudoku in Games, then Blast Off to Planet Power in your MyPlate Spaceship. Take the Fuel-Up Challenge and try to win the gold medal in Track & Field. Can you crack the Secret Code? Download Activity Sheets to see. Listen to some tunes and learn On the Go Snack tips in Videos and Songs. Kid chefs share their favorite treats in Recipes. Part of having a healthy lifestyle is staying fit. Move More has some great tips for when you head out to play.

Visit: http://choosemyplate.gov/kids
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Protect a Life Issue Date: 06-16-2013

Cool Spots imageAre you or any friends allergic to peanuts, eggs, milk or seafood? FAANKids, faankids.org, is a food allergy site just for kids. During an allergic reaction, a personís tongue and throat can swell, causing difficulty breathing. Even if you donít have an allergy yourself, itís important to understand Food Allergy Basics so you can Be a PAL and look out for your friends. In Activities, find the allergens in the Image Puzzle, then finish by coloring the page. Have you ever been to the International Zoo? Meet Alexander the Elephant and his amazing friends.

Visit: faankids.org
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