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Plastic Fork Diaries Issue Date: 01-12-2003

Cool Spots imageEating right can be difficult, so scarf down some great info about healthy edibles with Plastic Fork Diaries at www.plasticforkdiaries.org. As you tour Stockinda Middle School, you'll meet the students behind the diaries. You can take a field trip to places where foods are harvested and prepared, enjoying recipes, details about digestion and food facts. If all of this doesn't satisfy your hunger for knowledge, feed your brain with food games that are ripe and ready to be picked.

Visit: www.plasticforkdiaries.org
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Health Kick Issue Date: 11-24-2002

Cool Spots imageEating the right foods can help you make your Body Fit and develop Great Teeth. Find out about Cool Food at www.coolfoodplanet.org/gb/kidz. You'll learn why eating breakfast each morning keeps your Brain Fit, and you can discover which snacks are the best when you're Eating Out of the house. Find the answer to the question "What's a Food Label?" and learn about what is really in fast food. You may want to gaze through the 10 Tips for Kidz while you have the time. After gobbling up the facts, take the Cool Food Nutrition Quiz.

Visit: www.coolfoodplanet.org/gb/kidz
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You'll Go Nuts Issue Date: 09-29-2002

Cool Spots imageEat a scoop of PeanutButter Lovers.com at www.peanutbutterlovers.com. You can read about the History of peanut butter and how the Kellogg brothers and George Washington Carver made it the delicious snack that it is today. Learn How It's Made and why the process has not changed in more than a century. You'll find some Recipes to try using peanut butter. Or stick with PB&J, which stacks up well nutritionally against other sandwiches. Finally, learn About Allergies to peanuts and treatments for allergic reactions.

Visit: www.peanutbutterlovers.com
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Space Farms? Issue Date: 06-23-2002

Cool Spots imageGet ready for an expedition of CyberSpace Farms at www.cyberspaceag.com. A shooting Soybean Star or a Corn Comet will provide you with fun facts about Cosmic Crops. Orbit the fences of the farm to learn about Space Sheep and the Pig Planet, which are found in Creature Features. If your stomach's growling, dock at the Cosmic Cafe for some recipes that are out of this world. The CyberLibrary is a great reference source for farming facts. America's breadbasket has a wealth of information to offer.

Visit: www.cyberspaceag.com
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I Have a Bone to Pick With You Issue Date: 01-06-2002

Cool Spots imageThe National Bone Health Campaign knows Powerful Girls Have Powerful Bones, and you can learn why at www.cdc.gov/powerfulbones. Bone up on strong bone facts about how to get your daily dose of calcium. Then join Carla in the Crazy Calcium Caper. You'll need strong bones for the physical activities in the Staying Strong section. You can give your mind a workout with quizzes and put your memory to the test with a matching game. Become a bone-ified health expert today.

Visit: www.cdc.gov/powerfulbones
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