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A Pinch of Experience and a Dash of Imagination Issue Date: 06-22-2003

Cool Spots imageSpice up your food-life with The Accidental Scientist and discover the Science of Cooking at www.exploratorium.edu/cooking. Did you know a human tongue detects the flavors sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami? A series of Webcasts will help you better understand the foods you make and eat. Roll into the kitchen lab, where you'll master the art of preparing pickles, meats, eggs and candies. Then use your experience to create your own specialties.

Visit: www.exploratorium.edu/cooking
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Kidnetic.com Issue Date: 03-09-2003

Cool Spots imageKidnetic will energize you at www.kidnetic.com. Get some friends to join you in the kitchen and try out The Recipe Roundup. You'll learn how to make tasty edibles such as Wacky Wafflewiches, Sawed-off Thumbs and Savory School Paste. Feed your leftovers to your newly adopted Busy Buddy, which lives on your desktop. Whenever it needs more energy, just head back to Kidnetic to give it a boost. The InnerG game will help determine whether you know yourself inside and out. Shout out your opinion about health and nutrition topics on the message board. You'll burn some calories at Kidnetic.

Visit: www.kidnetic.com
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Physical and Mental Workout Issue Date: 02-23-2003

Cool Spots imageAt Body and Mind, www.bam.gov, you'll find tips on healthy eating, exercising and thinking. Whether you enjoy group sports or prefer to go solo, the fitness personality quiz will suggest the sports that may be best for you. Create your own calendar and schedule time for yoga, tag or even square dancing. Get the lowdown on sports you don't know much about with Fit4Life activity cards. The "I Heard" Hurdle Race challenges you to jump over common exercise misconceptions. Now, workout!

Visit: www.bam.gov
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Cookalota-what? Issue Date: 02-02-2003

Cool Spots imageCookalotamus welcomes you, your family and friends to join Cooking With Kids at www.cookalotamus.com. If you activate your sniffer, you can figure out what John Sarich is cooking for dinner. Perhaps he's using one of Cookalotamus' scrumptious recipes such as Potato Gnocchi or Cheesy Stuffed Pasta. You can examine the Food Guide Pyramid to learn how to prepare food that will help you to have a healthy body. Remember to keep an adult nearby while you cook, just in case you need a little assistance.

Visit: www.cookalotamus.com
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Future Hope Issue Date: 01-19-2003

Cool Spots imageHelp put An End to World Hunger and find Hope for the Future at http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291. When you arrive at this site, test your knowledge about hunger with an online quiz. Then you can find out why social and economic issues make hunger a continuous problem. Many campaigns work to prevent hunger today, and government, education and technology play roles in the fight as well. Learn about each one's role by reading articles about the past, present and future.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/C002291
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