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Bringing in the Harvest Issue Date: 01-25-2004

Cool Spots imageThe Wheat People of Kansas celebrate the harvest at www.kshs.org/exhibits/wheat/wheat.htm. From preparing the combine to selling at market, the harvest season is an exciting time each year. Hail and storms can severely damage crops, so farmers work long hours to harvest their wheat as soon as it is ripe. First-hand accounts from farm hands tell of the ups and downs of bringing in the harvest and show how growing wheat is both a profitable business and a labor of love for many families.

Visit: www.kshs.org/exhibits/wheat/wheat.htm
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Keeping It Fresh Issue Date: 12-28-2003

Cool Spots imageAre you craving something tasty? Then wash your hands and munch on fruits and veggies that are Fresh for Kids at www.freshforkids.com.au. Catch a ride with Tamara Tomato and slide into some groovy games. Or have a healthy snack and read interviews with Australian sports stars. If you like to cook, then you'll love recipes such as mango, peach and blueberry pops and strawberry pikelets. Once you are full to the skin, test your fruit and veggie knowledge with a quiz. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.freshforkids.com.au
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A Kitchen for All Ages Issue Date: 12-28-2003

Cool Spots imageFrench chef Julia Child donated her kitchen to the Smithsonian in 2001. Explore her kitchen and its diverse contents at www.americanhistory.si.edu/
. Julia Child's Kitchen gives you a panoramic view of her cooking space. As you zoom in to explore the exhibit's nooks and crannies, you'll find a spacious oven that can hold two huge turkeys and smaller items such as lorgnettes, Child's reading glasses. After sampling stories from the kitchen, you may be inspired to cook your own pičece de résistance.

Visit: www.americanhistory.si.edu/juliachild
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Pig Out on Pigs Issue Date: 09-14-2003

Cool Spots imageOink, oink. If you like eating pork chops, ham and bacon, you'll love Pork4Kids at www.pork4kids.com. Go hog wild with tons of games and colorful activities such as Guess the Season, in which you use farm-related clues to figure out the time of year. Sixteen- year-old Adam, who owns two horses and lots of baby pigs, shares his experiences living on a farm in Meet a Farm Kid. Bethany and Michael will take you on a cyber tour of a pig farm in Iowa. Be sure to make a chef's hat in the Food Fun Zone.

Visit: www.pork4kids.com
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Chew on This Issue Date: 08-03-2003

Cool Spots imageSink your teeth into Smart-Mouth.org at www.cspinet.org/smartmouth. Recipes and articles dish out the ingredients for yummy treats and a healthy lifestyle. Choose Ur Chews compares calories and saturated fat levels in popular fast-food items. A handful of Snacktoids will satisfy your craving for heart-healthy factoids. Play the game "Trust Gus" and find out if you can spot misleading advertising. Then send a bite back to companies that promote unhealthy eating.

Visit: www.cspinet.org/smartmouth
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