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Exciting Eats Issue Date: 05-21-2006

Cool Spots imageHow many fruits and veggies do you eat a day? Five servings is what experts recommend, and Dole 5 a Day at www.dole.com/#/superkids will help you achieve that goal. The Kids Cookbook will show you how to eat nutritious food in new ways with fun recipes such as the Fruity Breakfast Parfait. Meet Your 5 a Day Friends and let each one show you how it can help you on your path to good health. Eating right is fun in Music and Games, where you can watch cool videos, take the Trivia Challenge and download MP3s. You will be the picture of health.

Visit: www.dole.com/#/superkids
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Chew on This Issue Date: 02-26-2006

Cool Spots imageSeat yourself at the Nutrition Café at http://exhibits.pacsci.org/nutrition/nutrition_cafe.html and chomp down on nutritional information. Become a Nutrition Sleuth as you uncover clues to the missing nutrient, but beware - three strikes and you are out. Are you eating right? Get your grub on in Have-a-Bite Café and build a meal from the menu. In Grab a Grape, test your nutritional knowledge in categories such as food basics, weight control, bone building, food facts, fast foods, body building and food and sports. Dig in.

Visit: http://exhibits.pacsci.org/nutrition/nutrition_cafe.html
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Feed Your Face Issue Date: 01-15-2006

Cool Spots imageDemonstrate wise nutritional choices with Smart-Mouth at www.smart-mouth.org. Pile goodies on your tray in Choose UR Chews and see how your favorite foods stack up with the Sat-Fat-O-Meter and Cal-O-Meter. Be aware, the food industry sometimes stretches the truth to sell a product. Decide "so true" or "no way" in Trust Gus, to see if industry spokesmen are pulling your leg. In Feed the Face try a challenging brainteaser, and be sure to check out the face’s expression if you answer incorrectly. After a visit to this site, next time you are called a smart-mouth, take it as a compliment.

Visit: www.smart-mouth.org
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Pyramid Power Issue Date: 12-25-2005

Cool Spots imageScale the new and improved food pyramid with MyPyramid at www.mypyramid.gov/kids. The My Pyramid for Kids Worksheet will have you track your food intake to see how your meals measure up. Do you want to know how much of each food group you need daily? MyPyramid Plan offers customized food guides and healthy eating tips. In the MyPyramid Blast Off Game, fill the MyPyramid rocket ship with smart food choices and physical activity to fly to Planet Power. Be careful not to overload your fuel tank.

Visit: www.mypyramid.gov/kids
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Let's Go Surfing Now Issue Date: 05-22-2005

Cool Spots imageRide the waves to the International Surfing Museum at www.surfingmuseum.org for a gnarly look into the world of surfing. In Exhibit, you can paddle through the International Surfing Exhibit to view memorabilia from around the world, or visit the Kings of the Surf Exhibit to learn about the surfing legends of the '60s and '70s. Each year the Huntington Beach Walk of Fame inducts new members in five categories. You can see previous winners in the Walk of Fame. In Collection, trace the evolution of the surfboard or check out the Surf Music of Jan and Dean. Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes!

Visit: www.surfingmuseum.org
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