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Fun 'N' Suds Issue Date: 06-25-2000

Cool Spots imageLather yourself in bubbles at the Soap and Detergent Association's Kid's Corner. Start scrubbing away at www.sdahq.org/sdakids and learn about all things soap. The site has a special focus on the art of bubbles, and you'll find plenty of tips on how to blow bigger, better bubbles. Be sure to take in some of the cool activities found here, like the Bubble Path or Bubble Magic. Or try to impress your friends by making a pop-proof bubble. The site also includes information on recycling plastic cleaning product bottles as well as environmentally smart ways of using and disposing of soap. The Kid's Corner is as green as it is clean. Start blowing those bubbles.

Visit: www.sdahq.org/sdakids
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Safe With Scruff and McGruff Issue Date: 04-16-2000

Cool Spots imageTake a bite out of crime by joining McGruff, a dog who loves kids as much as he respects law and order. Sniff out www.mcgruff.org and hang with the crime-fighting canine to learn how to be safe and healthy. The site has some fun activities, including the ABC Maze and the Color Me Scruff coloring book. Or help out McGruff's nephew Scruff as he tries to find his way home without running into danger. You'll also find several Scruff and McGruff comic book stories. If you want to talk to McGruff some more, then send him your thoughts using a way-cool letter writing machine. There's also smart info about cyber-safety, back-to-school safety and dealing with schoolyard bullies. At McGruff.org, safety always comes first. So be careful out there.

Visit: www.mcgruff.org
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Eye Site Issue Date: 03-26-2000

Cool Spots imageHang out with two dancing eyeballs. Meet Twinkle and Eyenstein, two happy eyeballs who will show you the facts about eyesight at their eye site. Take a look-see at http://keystoneblind.org/wiseweb/wiseweb.htm. First, check out Twinkle and Eyenstein's funny photo album. Then voyage to the middle of an eyeball to see what it looks like when you're looking. From the pupil to the optic nerve, there's an amazing little world at work inside your peepers. Give them some exercise, too. Be mind-boggled with optical illusions, or stretch that artistic eye by entering the monthly coloring contest. You can also learn about what happens when a person goes blind. Have you ever tried to walk around with a blindfold on? You can ask questions about blindness here and even spend a day with a really sweet Seeing Eye dog. Open your eyes to the possibilities at Twinkle & Eyenstein's Wise Eye Web site.

Visit: http://keystoneblind.org/wiseweb/wiseweb.htm
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Lunch Time Issue Date: 03-05-2000

Cool Spots imageWhether you're trying to get an "A" in science or want to win the next school track meet, eating right can help you do your very best in life. At SchoolMenu.com, you'll get all the facts and info you need about how to enjoy good health and nutrition. Soup's on at www.schoolmenu.com. The site includes information about how to eat right and some cool food activities--like a healthy snack puzzle and fun recipes. You'll also find great food pyramid games, such as the Food Pyramid Maze and the Spy Dogs' Word Scramble. Or join DJ and his friends as they teach you about the benefits of maintaining a balanced diet. Yes, even pizza can be good for you. Wondering what's for lunch today? The site has lunch menus for schools across the United States. Along the way, you'll also find DJ's Art Gallery and some fun coloring activities. At SchoolMenu.com, food and fun go hand in hand. Eat up and be merry. And have a good lunch.

Visit: www.schoolmenu.com
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Home Run Physics Issue Date: 02-27-2000

Cool Spots imageSpring training is here, just in time for a little science lesson. At Exploratorium's Science of Baseball Web site, you'll get the lowdown on how to improve your baseball skills by adding a dash of physics to your game. It's batter up at www.exploratorium.com/baseball. This site shows you how to get the most out of the sport's most crucial tools: bat, ball and glove. The Scientific Slugger is a way-cool hitting program, which shows you how to adjust the strength and angle of your swing to hit more dingers. Find out if you can hit a 90 mph fastball. Hint: You will need to find the bat's three "sweet spots" if you're going to stand a chance against the pros. Also, be sure to visit the Time Machine and see legendary players' stats change in different baseball eras. You can also check out the history of women's baseball and the popularity of baseball in Japan. So step on into the batter's box. The boys and girls of summer are set to play ball!

Visit: www.exploratorium.com/baseball
User Rating: 2.8503184713374stars
628 users rated this site

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