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Take The Internet Challenge Issue Date: 01-14-2001

Cool Spots imageCongratulations to Geri Ruane, computer lab teacher at Durkee Elementary School in Houston, www.4Kids.org's Teacher of the Month. Ms. Ruane manages the school's computer lab and maintains the Durkee Elementary School Web site at http://es.houstonisd.org/DurkeeES. In addition, Ms. Ruane has created the Internet Challenge, an exciting way for students to learn on the Internet. The Houston Independent School District hosts the Internet Challenge archive at http://dept.houstonisd.org/techlessons/pages/ChallengArchive.htm. Each Internet Challenge is created for a specific grade level and varies in subject matter, such as sea turtles, money, the rain forest or the human body. You can also have a parent help you and try them from home. Congratulations, Ms. Ruane. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack. (The second site is no longer available.)

Visit: http://es.houstonisd.org/DurkeeES
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Terrific Technology at Pebble Creek Issue Date: 12-10-2000

Cool Spots imageCongratulations to Donna Myrick, technology facilitator at Pebble Creek Elementary School, College Station, Texas, www.4Kids.org's Teacher of the Month. Ms. Myrick has been teaching at Pebble Creek since the school opened five years ago. She runs the computer labs and maintains Pebble Creek's Web site at http://mail.csisd.org/~pc. The Web site boasts teacher-created lesson plans, "WOW Web pages" created by students and much more. Pre-K to 4th-grade students learn keyboarding skills from Ms. Myrick and are exposed to HyperStudio and ClarisWorks slide shows. Of the students' enthusiasm, Ms. Myrick says, "It's unbelievable. We learn as much from the students as they do from us." Congratulations, Ms. Myrick. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

Visit: http://mail.csisd.org/~pc
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Mass Communication at Montwood Middle School Issue Date: 11-12-2000

Cool Spots imageCongratulations to Roberto Barrón, mass communications teacher at Montwood Middle School in El Paso, Texas, www.4Kids.org's Teacher of the Month. Priscilla Gomez, who nominated Mr. Barrón, says that he "smiles every day." His class creates the school's Web site at http://schools.sisd.net/mom as well as the school yearbook. Priscilla says his class is both "excellent" and "exciting." She says, "I think a student would want to go to his class every day." Mr. Barrón is in his second year at Montwood and in his 11th year of teaching. He teaches as an adviser. The students learn by using the computers themselves. The class follows along as the lesson is projected on a screen. Congratulations, Mr. Barrón. Enjoy your www.4Kids.org award pack.

Visit: http://schools.sisd.net/mom
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Study with Schooligans Issue Date: 10-08-2000

Cool Spots imageToday's high-tech teachers know what their students need to succeed. Ms. Donna Girard, a middle school computer literacy teacher in Bow, N.H., is no exception. She's exceptional and she's www.4Kids.org's first Teacher of the Month. Ms. Girard created Schooligans.com at www.bownet.org/dgirard This vast resource offers over 40 categories of kid-safe links, everything from art and drama to rules and safety. Ms. Girard teaches over 600 students at Bow Memorial School, grades 5 to 8. She enjoys the enthusiasm of middle school students for technology: "They get so excited about using the Internet. That's what makes it fun." Congratulations to Ms. Girard. Enjoy your 4Kids award pack.

Visit: www.bownet.org/dgirard
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Hi-Tech Teachers Issue Date: 09-10-2000

Cool Spots imageDoes your teacher use cool computer technology to teach in class? Does he have you give reports using PowerPoint or create projects with Photoshop and a scanner? Do your projects need to be completed on the computer and turned in on a floppy disc? Nominate your teacher to be featured in www.4Kids.org today. Starting in October, www.4Kids.org will feature teachers who use advanced technology in innovative and creative ways to enrich kids' learning. For an example of the kind of teachers www.4Kids.org is looking for, check out the Teacher Testimony at the 4teachers Web site at www.4teachers.org/testimony/goddard. You can nominate your hi-tech teacher at www.4Kids.org/nominations. Featured teachers and the person who nominated that teacher will receive a 4Kids T-shirt. What are you waiting for? Tell us about your hi-tech teacher today!

Visit: www.4teachers.org/testimony/goddard
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Visit: www.4kids.org/nominations
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