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Be a Toy Maker Issue Date: 01-26-2014

Cool Spots imageToys from Trash, arvindguptatoys.com/toys.html, is a fun site for a snowy day. Projects use common items you have at home, such as scrap paper, glue and scissors. Create a Catapult Parachute or try Air Surfing in Flying Toys. Build a musical instrument such as a Balloon Bugle or a Crown Cap Whistle in Simple Sounds. Have you ever built a rocket? Find out how in Amazing Astronomy, then make a Spinning Spaceship. If you like art, you’ll enjoy Magic Miscellany, with colorful projects such as Pecking Birds or Penguin Pair. See how ordinary items can have amazing strength in Strong Structures.

Visit: http://arvindguptatoys.com/toys.html
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Play at the Museum Issue Date: 10-07-2012

Cool Spots imageThe National Museum of Play presents Fun & Games, museumofplay.org/fun-games, a collection of online games based on board games popular in the 1800s. Baseball takes on a new spin as you click the dice to roll and take your turn at bat. Inspired by a baseball board game from the 1890s, the action unfolds to the announcer's play-by-play. Gallop around the track at top speed in The Derby Steeple Chase, modeled after great horse races in 1888. You are author and illustrator in Story Magic, choosing backgrounds and characters, then writing a story to print later.

Visit: museumofplay.org/fun-games
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Toy Time Issue Date: 07-01-2012

Cool Spots imageCanada at Play, civilization.ca/
, is an inside look at a fairly recent invention: toys. Do children in Canada play with the same types of toys we do? Visit the Playhouse to see a fascinating collection of toys. Did you know that early doctor kits for boys and nurse kits for girls contained the exact same toys? Guess which toys belong to you, your parents or grandparents as you play Toybox Timeline. Can you imagine how heavy a cast iron toy would be? Visit Manufacturers to see cast iron, rubber and wooden toys.

Visit: civilization.ca/canadaplay
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A Holiday Project Issue Date: 12-19-2010

Cool Spots imageMake Do and Mend, http://firstsite.uk.net/
, will keep idle holiday hands busy with great puppet projects. New gifts may surround you this time of year, but you will soon find yourself using recyclables for amusement. Meet the puppets who inhabit the magic suitcase, such as Oscar the Magician and Isabella Emmanuella the Eco Fashion Designer, made from items you have around the house. Read their stories and then choose a puppet to make. You can even make all five and put on a show for your family!

Visit: http://firstsite.uk.net/makedoandmend
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Celebrating Childhood Issue Date: 03-09-2008

Cool Spots imageYou will love being a kid when you visit V & A Museum of Childhood, www.museumof childhood.org.uk/learning/things-to-do, and find out how many cool projects there are for young people just like you! Stay on the computer for Things To Do Online where you can build toys, put together puzzles or send cool e-cards to your friends. If it is too rainy to play outside, scroll through Things To Make At Home and learn how to create paper dolls, toy theaters and silhouette pictures. If you have some ideas of your own, send them in and share your projects with others who are interested in the same activities as you.

Visit: www.museumofchildhood.org.uk/learning/things-to-do
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