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Make a Movie Issue Date: 05-18-2014

Cool Spots imageLights! Camera! Action! Make your own movies at the Amazing Reef, sea.sheddaquarium.org/sea/interactive_module.asp?id=20#. To create an animated film, Enter Amazing Reef and choose your story, location, characters and music. In Finding Friends, you might travel to a tropical coral reef in the Philippines. Once your scene is set, select a hero, antagonist and supporting actor. Watch the auditions to find the best creature for the job. Choose from story options or Rewrite the Story. Record your animation once you are happy with the movie.

Visit: http://sea.sheddaquarium.org/sea/interactive_module.asp?id=20#
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Tiny Ships Issue Date: 07-01-2012

Cool Spots imageThe Mariners' Museum, marinersmuseum.org/
, presents the fascinating carved miniature ships created by artist August F. Crabtree and his wife, Winnifred. Water transport history comes to life as you explore its primitive beginnings, when man traveled by rafts built with tree trunks lashed together with vines. Move on to the exquisite craftsmanship of the RMS Britannia, which took more than two years to complete. Learn the history of the real ships the miniatures are modeled on. Interactive Games will challenge your puzzle-solving skills as you try to recreate four ships.

Visit: marinersmuseum.org/crabtree
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Paper Critters Issue Date: 05-06-2012

Cool Spots imageMichael LaFosse of the Peabody Essex Museum, pem.org/sites/origami, provides video demonstrations to teach you how to create origami icebergs, polar bears and other animals. If you are a beginner, you can choose from an iceberg or a penguin. When you are ready for a challenge, the narwhal and leopard seal are good projects to tackle. Each video takes less than 15 minutes, but the techniques you will learn may inspire you to create models of other animals or objects. Choose Fold More Models to expand your collection. Friends and family will be amazed at your polar creations!

Visit: pem.org/sites/origami
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Teeny Tiny Issue Date: 09-26-2010

Cool Spots imageThe Collier Classification System for Very Small Objects, www.verysmallobjects.com, helps organize small, non-living things that many people might overlook. Read Instructions to discover the definition of a very small object. If you find something that meets the standards, you can even send it in to be part of the official collection! The Collection Database is swimming with cool petite surprises, such as shells and beads. Scroll through them to see the site offerings, and then challenge yourself by finding some of your own very small objects.

Visit: www.verysmallobjects.com
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Finger Folding Fun Issue Date: 08-10-2008

Cool Spots imageMake awesome origami art at Kids Web Japan's Exploring Origami, http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2. Celebrate Japanese culture when you download practice paper with special lines that will guide you as you create your art. If you want some inspiration, the Origami Gallery has great photos featuring beautiful paper projects of many shapes and sizes, such as land animals and flowering trees. Be sure to check out Origami Trivia for neat factoids about the special meanings behind this Japanese art.

Visit: http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2
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