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Korner the Market Issue Date: 07-16-2000

Cool Spots imageIf you're looking for fun and friends, make a trip to Kids' Korner Network. The site has all kinds of cool things to do, from puzzles to games and stories and songs. Join your host Topper, the smiling car, and prepare to putt-putt all over this great kids' spot at www.kidskorner.net Once here, you'll find three exciting tales about the adventures of Pigaroo. Find out what happened when this cute piggie behaved badly. For an artistic challenge, you can choose many pictures to print and color. You can even send in a favorite coloring page of your own. Like games? Then try your hand at Mr. Veghead or Dot and Dash. Or prepare to laugh yourself silly at the Riddles & Rhymes section. You can even sign up for the Kids' Korner e-mail newsletter. Topper, Pigaroo and the rest of the gang are waiting for your arrival.

Visit: www.kidskorner.net
User Rating: 2.4494949486528stars
594 users rated this site
Art Under Glass: Etch A Sketch Issue Date: 06-11-2000

Cool Spots imageDoodle, draw, etch and sketch. The Etch A Sketch Web site, devoted to the classic toy, is loaded with great fun and games for kids of all ages. Turn those knobs and start drawing those lines at www.ohioart.com/etch. From coloring pages to hidden shapes to interactive stories, you'll find countless activities here. For kids not familiar with the Etch A Sketch, the site traces the history of the Etch A Sketch and features 10 useful tips and tricks to help you master the toy. Be sure to visit the amazing, and sometimes hilarious, art gallery. Here, you'll find sweet sketches of everything from wildlife to castles to famous celebrities. Better yet, you can meet the artists who toiled away at these beautiful works of art. And if you want to get to know your fellow doodlers better, the site tells you how to join the Official Etch A Sketch Club. Best of all is the online Etch A Sketch, which simulates the toy and lets you doodle for hours. Log onto the Web today and start etching a sketch to your heart's content.

Visit: www.ohioart.com/etch
User Rating: 3.0470443349748stars
406 users rated this site
Get a Silly Education Issue Date: 05-07-2000

Cool Spots imageJoin the proud class of 2000 and carry the wisdom of Silly Putty into the future. Yes, a degree from Silly Putty University is now within your grasp through the virtual learning network of the Internet. Enroll at www.sillyputty.com. Tuition is free, and Silly Putty is the only school supply you'll need. Take history first, and learn about the experiments that led to the world's favorite "solid liquid." After lunch, head to the lab to learn more about that stretchy, sticky, silly stuff. For a break, kick back with the school paper for silly news. But don't skip classes. You will need to work on your final project: coming up with an entry for the big 50th anniversary contest Silliest Uses for Silly Putty. If you discover a wacky and creative way to use it, you could win an award above and beyond your honorary diploma from Silly U. Now crack open that plastic egg and study. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.sillyputty.com
User Rating: 2.6587301587301stars
504 users rated this site
The Eyes Have It Issue Date: 04-02-2000

Cool Spots imageOpen your eyes and prepare to be dazzled at SandlotScience.com, home of the wildest optical illusions you've ever seen. Swing by www.sandlotscience.com to see strange illusions, camouflage, special effects and much more. Check out the bizarre geometry of the Crazy Crate, or send your eyeballs into a wild spin at the Rotating Spiral Illusion. Word lovers will enjoy the games at the Typography section where you can play with some tough ambigrams. And be sure to stop by the site's Ambiguous Illusions section, featuring 23 of these extraordinary visual gems, such as the Barber Pole Illusion and the Vanishing Area Paradox. Sandlotscience.com is truly an eye-catcher of a Web site. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.sandlotscience.com
User Rating: 2.6308724821032stars
447 users rated this site
Patent Pending Issue Date: 01-02-2000

Cool Spots imageEureka! It's a site about inventors and patents just for kids. If you've got the inventing bug, check out what happens at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Kids Pages. Hurry over to www.uspto.gov/go/kids. Almost everything we love was invented by somebody, and every inventor gets a patent or a trademark to let the world proudly know "that's my invention." Learn how to come up with a great invention, solve brain-twizzling puzzles or play inventive games. Feeling extra creative? Then paint an eye-catching poster, write an inspiring poem, or design your own virtual museum exhibit. Who knows? Your brain might invent you a cool contest prize.

Visit: www.uspto.gov/go/kids
User Rating: 3.2673031026253stars
419 users rated this site

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