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Eco-Eddy Issue Date: 02-09-2003

Cool Spots imageExperience firsthand the Web's craziest cartoon canine, Eddy the Eco-Dog, at www.kidswebtv.com/webcartoon/home.html. Eddy comes from Planet Chachachawowa with a message of conservation. Help him save the Earth with games such as Recycle-It and other activities. You can watch cartoons starring Eddy, join the eco-dog's fan club or listen to celebrity interviews. You'll learn about rocket-man Scott MacLean in Ask the Astronaut. Get your paws on articles from Earth-minded kids in Paws for the Planet Daily.

Visit: www.kidswebtv.com/webcartoon/home.html
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Covert Action Issue Date: 11-03-2002

Cool Spots image Join the Fin, Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation, better known as the FFFBI, at www.fffbi.com. Due to budget cuts, this crime-fighting team of animals needs your help with Operation G.A.S. Chicken. To prepare for your mission, play the Training Games. The Coffee Guy Quiz will grill you with 100 questions, so get psyched up for it. At FFFBI International, you will work undercover to answer questions about countries such as Brazil, Iceland and Kenya. You'll want to meet your co-agents before you begin your mission. Good luck and be careful!

Visit: www.fffbi.com
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Get Educated About Education Issue Date: 09-29-2002

Cool Spots imageThe National Center for Education Statistics brings you an exciting, interactive classroom with activities for kids of all ages at http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids. Games and Activities has a mascot-to-college matching game and a graph creation tool. The Word of the Day will keep your vocabulary growing. Crunch, an online magazine, lets you submit reviews of artwork and new technology. Use the College Search to choose the school that's best for you. Learn about learning today.

Visit: http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids
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Camp Online Issue Date: 07-14-2002

Cool Spots imagePut on your hiking boots and head for World Book Encyclopedia's Cyber Camp at www.worldbook.com/cyber_camp/cyber_camp.html. This virtual camp offers many of the same activities as a real camp, except for the bugs and bears. You'll find a Nature Walk where you can learn about forest animals and the flora and fauna of the wetlands. The Craft Cabin has many project plans, from potato prints to assembling bamboo chimes. Visit the Mindbender Cave for challenging puzzles. Then try the Dining Hall's yummy recipes for honey toast and a tasty dip to restore your energy.

Visit: www.worldbook.com/cyber_camp/cyber_camp.html
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Caillou and You Issue Date: 12-30-2001

Cool Spots imageEven in the middle of winter, Caillou is ready for summer fun at http://pbskids.org/caillou. But you can't go out and play without the appropriate summer clothes, so start out at the Dress Calliou section. Music lovers can jam at the Magic Keyboard where every letter on your keyboard makes a noise. Caillou's animal friends are hiding, and it is your job to find them in the Find Gilbert section. After a long day of playing, the Bedtime Counting game will prepare you for a good night's sleep.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/caillou
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