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Mind Games Issue Date: 03-16-2014

Cool Spots imageProblem solving is all fun and games at KidPsych, kidspsych.org/oochina.html. Are you good at solving riddles? Use your skills to help Oochina on the Farm as she tries to move the chicken, the fox and the grain across the river safely. Itís trickier than you think; the boat only has room for one at a time, and you donít want to pick the wrong one. Join Oochina in Space and type the secret code to get the space stationís engines working. The Doughnut-O-Matic is making doughnuts too quickly! Can you solve the Doughnut Dilemma in 30 seconds and match the shutdown combination before it explodes?

Visit: http://kidspsych.org/oochina.html
User Rating: 3.0233036326252stars
1459 users rated this site
Real Life Choices Issue Date: 12-15-2013

Cool Spots imageGlobal Kids and Microsoft present Ayiti Cost of Life, ayiti.globalkids.org/game/GlobalKids.swf, an interactive game that helps you experience some of the challenges people in poor countries must overcome in order to get an education and provide for their families. Which aspects of life are most important to you? Pick a strategy and begin by assigning a role to each family member. Each season for four years you will make choices that will have either positive or negative effects on their lives. Choose wisely: If you run out of money, the family wonít be able to buy food.

Visit: http://ayiti.globalkids.org/game/GlobalKids.swf
User Rating: 3.045112781955stars
1197 users rated this site
The Playground Issue Date: 12-01-2013

Cool Spots imageWelcome to PRTV (Red Fish TV), poissonrouge.com/chambre.php. Time will fly by as you explore the dozens of activities on the site. Take a look outside the window and enter the Playground, where you can row your boat or race your red car around the track. Do you have a favorite toy? Pick one off the shelf and play your own music on the keyboard, take a voyage in the submarine or find the activities hidden in the building blocks. Direct the quartet in singing the traditional French melody "FrŤre Jacques."

Visit: http://poissonrouge.com/chambre.php
User Rating: 3.2139534883724stars
860 users rated this site
Play to Learn Issue Date: 11-10-2013

Cool Spots imagePlay while you learn at Room Recess, roomrecess.com. If you ever get bored learning math or language arts, this is the place for you. Learn the difference between a simile and a metaphor when you play Cannonball Cats. Memorizing math facts is a breeze with Missile Mania and Cheese Race. Use the clues and guess the objects in Draw Conclusions. Master Cause and Effect using ice cream cones. Have you been studying vocabulary words? Build as many words as you can in 90 seconds to beat the clock in Spelling Bees.

Visit: http://roomrecess.com
User Rating: 2.8066528066526stars
481 users rated this site
Solve the Case Issue Date: 09-29-2013

Cool Spots imageThe City of Materials, cityofmaterials.net, is unlike any city youíve ever visited. Walk through Mayor Charpyís house and click on everyday items such as popcorn and ketchup to gather facts and fun experiments you can try at home. The Austen Detective Agency has a full caseload. Help solve some materials cases using the handy tools in your backpack. You have to pass your P.I. Quiz and earn your Freshman Badge before you can begin your first case. Once you choose a case, be sure and listen to your cellphone messages for important clues. Ready for a break? Itís time to play some Games.

Visit: http://cityofmaterials.net
User Rating: 2.9749340369389stars
758 users rated this site

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