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GPB Kids Issue Date: 08-10-2014

Cool Spots imageEnjoy videos, games and stories with your favorite characters at GPB Kids, gpbkids.org. Purchase yummy snacks when you play the Money game in Count on It. Do you like to dance? You’ll be ready to get out of your seat and move to the beat as you sing along with fun music videos in Laughing Pizza. Can you speak Spanish? In Salsa, help Sal build a Pizza – but he only speaks Español! Next, check out DinoVentures and participate in magical museum adventures with paleontologist Professor Ridley.

Visit: http://gpbkids.org
User Rating: 3.2628099173553stars
605 users rated this site
Cave Adventure Issue Date: 06-15-2014

Cool Spots imageAre you a top explorer? Put on your headlamp and enter Zipper’s Cave Maze, kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/zippergames/zipper-cave-maze, to find secrets of the dinosaur caverns in Arizona. It might seem spooky when you enter the cave, but just start walking around to gather bones, keys and other treasures that will help you get to higher levels. Watch out for the creepy critters that will try to get in your way! There are 20 levels to master. Can you reach the end of the game? Try to stay on the path; if you fall off you will have to begin again.

Visit: http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/zippergames/zipper-cave-maze
User Rating: 3.0821167883214stars
548 users rated this site
Learning Fun Issue Date: 05-11-2014

Cool Spots imageImprove your grades while playing fun educational games at Cookie, cookie.com. Did you know that puzzles exercise your brain? First visit Videos and watch how the games are played, then go to Games and get started. In Kids Puzzle you will find jigsaws, mazes, sudoku and more, to help you learn everything from states and their capitals to rhyming words. Do you like art? Print coloring pages at home in Arts and Crafts. Certain concepts in school can be tricky, such as fractions or food chains. Practice them in Worksheets, then View Answer to see if you are correct.

Visit: http://cookie.com
User Rating: 2.8157051282045stars
624 users rated this site
Maggie's Earth Adventures Issue Date: 04-13-2014

Cool Spots imageHave a blast at Maggie’s Earth Adventures, teacher.scholastic.com/activities/adventure/index.htm. Help Edit Dan’s copy, then use your math skills to rescue Maggie’s dog from a rooftop in Dude’s Dilemma. Prefixes and suffixes change words’ meanings. Match them to power your computer, but choose correctly or you might end up with a Short Circuit! Now fly Around the World in 80 Seconds. Each correct answer will get Maggie to her next destination. Try the Spanish versions of these games as well.

Visit: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/adventure/index.htm
User Rating: 3.1425576519914stars
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Island Adventures Issue Date: 03-23-2014

Cool Spots imageHead over to Adventure Island, tinyurl.com/88tlkvv, where you will meet Kimo, the tour bus driver. He needs help to get around the island faster. The first thing you’ll need to do is learn the symbols on the map so you can find out where you need to go. Each customer has plans to go to a different destination, so the faster you read the symbols, the more quickly they can get there and the more customers you can serve. Your goal is to get Kimo around the island as quickly as you can in order to earn the most tips. Happy traveling!

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/88tlkvv
User Rating: 2.9831325301207stars
830 users rated this site

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