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Stake Your Claim Issue Date: 09-27-2015

Cool Spots imageLife in a Sod House, amhistory.si.edu/ourstory/activities/sodhouse, looks back at the 1860s, when homesteaders traveled across the country to settle on the Great American Prairie. The land consisted of tall grasses and very few trees, so people had to adapt their home-building styles. After reading more, use your knowledge to Build a Sod House. Do you like a mystery? When you play Darkroom Detective you’ll examine two photographs and see what you can tell about the people in them. Complete the activities in Get a Sense of It! to experience life in a sod house.

Visit: http://amhistory.si.edu/ourstory/activities/sodhouse
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Take a Trip Issue Date: 08-30-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you like riding the bus on field trips? The Magic School Bus, scholastic.com/magicschoolbus, will take you on adventures without making you wait at the bus stop. In Games and Activities, play Where Will the Bus Take You? Answer questions correctly and collect souvenirs from each destination. Join the Adventures of Weatherlizard to find out if you are weather wise. For instance, if you are outside during a tornado warning, where should you go to be safe? Before your next trip to the library, visit Themes and make a list of books to check out based on what your interests are.

Visit: http://scholastic.com/magicschoolbus
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Travel Through Time Issue Date: 07-19-2015

Cool Spots imageIn the British Museum’s Time Explorer, britishmuseum.org/explore/young_explorers/play/time_explorer.aspx, you are a curator who travels through time to rescue artifacts before they are destroyed by natural disasters. Using a special time bracelet to visit four ancient civilizations, your mission will contain challenges, bonus objects and hidden dangers, so you must be alert at all times. Rescue a precious goblet from Ancient Rome before a volcanic eruption occurs. A devastating earthquake will destroy a Mosaic Mask unless you travel to the temple to find it and return it to the priest in time.

Visit: http://britishmuseum.org/explore/young_explorers/play/time_explorer.aspx
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Create an Island Issue Date: 05-24-2015

Cool Spots imageDo you enjoy playing with LEGOs? Take a trip to Creator Islands, lego.com/en-us/creator/games/creatorislands, where you have a mission to complete. Build and explore an island for LEGO Minifigures to live on. The main island is your first goal, but as you complete each model, you will earn bricks that will lead to other fun projects. You can begin with a house or a car. The models become more challenging as you progress through the game. You’ll find more opportunities to build as you walk around your island. Visit the Gallery to see what others have created – you might be inspired to build something new.

Visit: http://lego.com/en-us/creator/games/creatorislands
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Smart Consumers Issue Date: 05-17-2015

Cool Spots imageThe Federal Trade Commission wants you to learn to be a smart consumer at You Are Here, tinyurl.com/npagsyf. In the virtual mall, you’ll learn how advertising is targeted to consumers. Visit Market Match Wireless at the West Terrace to find out why cellphone models are marketed to particular customers. Does shopping make you hungry? At the Food Court, learn why consumers win when businesses compete. See which of the three pizza places has the best pizza for the price. Are you ready to play games? Walk over to the Security Plaza and check out the Arcade.

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/npagsyf
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