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Game Design Issue Date: 08-14-2016

Cool Spots imageShaun the Sheep Game Academy, shaunsgameacademy.co.uk/learn-make.php, provides tutorials to help you create your own computer games. In the Introduction, learn how to get started with design and characters. The official Shaun the Sheep templates utilize M.I.Tís Scratch to build games. Check out Course 2, and begin the first of three Modules that will teach you how Scratch works so you can implement the steps of your project. Once you have completed a Module, Launch Project to begin designing. If you are looking for inspiration, check out Win to view award-winning games submitted in the previous competition.

Visit: http://shaunsgameacademy.co.uk/learn-make.php
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Learning Games Issue Date: 06-26-2016

Cool Spots imageTVO Kids Games, tvokids.com/games, makes subjects such as math, science, music and art loads of fun. Do you have a good sense of direction? You will need it to find your way out when you play the aMAZE-ing Journey! Record your own original musical composition in Beats in Bites. Dr. Know It All is claiming he invented an elixir that can make you smarter. Use your sleuthing skills to prove him wrong in the Big Escape. Did you know Canada is full of geographical gems? Find them when you sail Canadaís Treasure Trek. The Big Wig Sub Shop will reward your math skills in a hilarious way.

Visit: http://tvokids.com/games
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Remember the Details Issue Date: 12-20-2015

Cool Spots imageAn Effective Detective, pbskids.org/ arthur/games/effectivedetective/ effectivedetective.html, must be great at remembering details. This site provides a good exercise in observing details that can help you describe characters in creative writing assignments. Choose a character to get started, then select the characteristics that make him or her different from others in the group. It gets tricky when two characters are wearing the same colors, or are sitting or standing the same way. Now see if you can identify the correct person using Fernís description. Keep practicing and you will see improvement.

Visit: http://pbskids.org/arthur/games/effectivedetective/effectivedetective.html
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Studying Is Fun Issue Date: 11-29-2015

Cool Spots imageYou can improve your math, language arts and science grades with Turtle Diaryís Online Practice, turtlediary.com/practice.html. If you are having trouble with certain concepts in your homework assignments, you may just need to practice. Choose a subject and grade level to get started. Try Comparing and Ordering Numbers in Fourth Grade Math. After practicing, select Games for more activities. Good grammar and punctuation are important in writing. Sharpen those skills in Language Arts. Youíll ace your next test when you study the Water Cycle, Clouds, Seasons and Weather in Science.

Visit: http://turtlediary.com/practice.html
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Organize the Artifacts Issue Date: 10-15-2015

Cool Spots imageCurly the Curator needs your help. The Curator Collection, tinyurl.com/nl9p5q4, is an assortment of artifacts that need to be organized by their time period. With your help, Curly can get this task done quickly. Before you begin playing, do some research. Scroll over the items on the shelf to learn more about them. There is a toy sitting on the shelf ó can you guess which object it is? This game requires quick thinking, and you will be asked to move the boxes labeled by time period to catch the objects as they fall from the shelves. Are you up to the challenge?

Visit: tinyurl.com/nl9p5q4
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