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Play Super Sleuth Through the Web Issue Date: 11-03-1996

Cool Spots imageJust when you thought the Web was puzzling enough, along comes The Case, with its own brand of brain-teasing mysteries. Whether you want to test your logic against your friends or you just love surprise endings, The Case is a great Web site for "clued-in" kids and adults. Check out the "Twist," a weekly mystery, or "Solve-It," a mini-mystery that requires quick wit! Use your magnifying glass for the "Mystery Photo" and find out why every picture tells a thousand words. Ready to play Sherlock Holmes? Then tip-toe to www.thecase.com. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.thecase.com
User Rating: 2.9896373056996stars
193 users rated this site
Word Games Issue Date: 06-23-1996

Cool Spots imageIf you've played "Hangman," you'll love the Web's ghoulish twist to this favorite. Keep Zeppie the Zombie intact with your intellect and play Letter R.I.P. at www.dtd.com/rip Keep track of all the words that Zeppie gives you and take them along to www.eduplace.com/tales. Write a Wacky Web Tale by filling in the blanks with a noun, an adjective, a verb. Pretty soon, you, too, can be the author of such great lines as: "One of the mummy cases climbed open. Out ran an enormous hat covered with grapes. Just as I was about to run from the room, the hat threw off the grapes and howled, 'April Fools.'" Playing these word games has never been so much fun!

Visit: www.eduplace.com/tales
User Rating: 3.1538462005493stars
364 users rated this site
Interactive Games Issue Date: 06-23-1996

Cool Spots imageOne of the most explosive interactive games on the World Wide Web is Minesweeper. Your goal is to uncover all of the squares that do not contain mines. Sweep away at www.head-crash.com/
. Be careful where you click or you'll set off dangerous dynamite! If minesweeping doesn't keep you on your toes, then maybe tics and tacs will. WWW tic-tac-toe gives an interactive edge to those x's and o's you're so used to lining up. Three in a row is the way to go at http://boulter.com/ttt. But if you're looking for a real challenge, then maybe it's time to take on the WebCube. Rotate the cube any way you can to make the colors on each face the same. It's the dizziest game on the Internet! Spin and win at http://info.gte.com/gtel/fun/cube/cube.html.

Visit: http://boulter.com/ttt
User Rating: 3.0874073027155stars
405 users rated this site

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