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What's in Your Head Issue Date: 08-24-2003

Cool Spots imageThe SuperThinkers' site at www.superpages.com/enlightenme/
lets you exercise that all-important organ: the brain. Solve a series of strange events in The Peetnick Mysteries. Flash movies and interactive fun will keep you entertained while you figure out why the ketchup goes missing and the theater starts sinking. Make a Book has the write advice and inspirational quotes for those who yearn to write their own mysteries. Check out some already published reads in SuperShelf.

Visit: www.superpages.com/enlightenme/superthinkers/pages
User Rating: 3.3771499140042stars
814 users rated this site
Multiplication Mission Issue Date: 03-23-2003

Cool Spots imageImprove your math skills and learn about the solar system with Multiflyer, an interactive game at www.brainormous.com. Using your Rapid Strike Stealth Jumper to travel through space, you must answer multiplication problems correctly to get the coordinates of the next human outpost. You'll receive data about the celestial locations that you visit as you travel farther from Earth. When your mission is complete, print off the final report of your multiplication strengths and weaknesses. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.brainormous.com
User Rating: 3.2458410443622stars
541 users rated this site
Artsy Games Issue Date: 03-02-2003

Cool Spots imageJoin Artie playing Albright-Knox Art Games at www.kids.albrightknox.org. The activities at this interactive site teach kids about art and let them express themselves through art. Look closely at the Gallery to see if you notice anything unusual about the pictures. Splatter wild art designs in Your Own Studio. You'll learn about works from artists such as Juan Gris and William Harnett, and you can send your friends an art e-card. With tons of games, Artie is sure to keep you busy learning and creating.

Visit: www.kids.albrightknox.org
User Rating: 3.3446134266159stars
789 users rated this site
Does the Fun Ever End? Issue Date: 04-07-2002

Cool Spots image TVOKids.com introduces you to TV in Ontario, Canada, at www.tvokids.com. It has tons of fun and educational activities for you to check out. Give the ThunderWheel a spin and test your knowledge of current events. Pinky's Work Out stimulates your mind and body with Tips & Tricks as well as a Featured Sport. Saddle up with the Reading Rangers and wrestle up some awesome books. You'll want to drop by the Studio where you can write a poem, create a Web page or build a face. This Flash site is TVO-K.

Visit: www.tvokids.com
User Rating: 3.3609375017359stars
576 users rated this site
Bob the Builder Issue Date: 01-13-2002

Cool Spots imageBob the Builder is mighty busy in his small town, and he needs your help at www.bobthebuilder.com. As you visit each part of town, an exciting interactive task is waiting for you. Your spelling skills will be put to the test at the schoolhouse where you use letter blocks to spell the given picture. Mr. Bentley needs help building and painting a new house. You'll have to drive a bulldozer through town to deliver the townspeople's packages on time. Wind down with Mrs. Potts and enjoy a relaxing jigsaw puzzle.

Visit: www.bobthebuilder.com
User Rating: 2.5583959899749stars
399 users rated this site

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