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Play to Learn Issue Date: 09-17-2017

Cool Spots image Introduce some fun and games to class presentations with Factile, playfactile.com. The next time you are assigned an oral report about a historical figure or era, add a game to the end and find out how well your audience was listening. For instance, if your presentation is about Thomas Edison or Ben Franklin, you could create a quick Factile game about inventors for the class to participate in at the end of it. This game works like “Jeopardy!” where teams select a category and answer questions. Sign up for a free account and create your own games, or Search through Public Games.

Visit: http://playfactile.com
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Learn Morse Code Issue Date: 08-27-2017

Cool Spots image The National Museum of Scotland wants you to see how simple it is to learn Morse Code, nms.ac.uk/explore-our-collections/games/morse-code/. Morse code is a system developed in the 1830s that uses dots and dashes to represent each letter of the alphabet. A telegraph delivers messages anywhere in the world, even out at sea. You will begin by typing in a message you would like to send. Next, the game will demonstrate how the message can be sent via telegraph or even lights. Can you guess how many words per minute could be sent by a telegraph operator? Find out when you Learn More About Morse Code.

Visit: https://www.nms.ac.uk/explore-our-collections/games/morse-code/
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Girl Stuff Issue Date: 11-20-2016

Cool Spots image American Girl Play, play.americangirl.com/play, is a collection of games, stories and activities based on favorite American Girl characters. Take the Weekly Poll and check the results to see what readers are saying. Catch a clip of “Maryellen: The Brightest Star” in Videos. In Quizzes, find out What Makes You Happy? American Girl magazine wants to know what you think about important issues. Participate in This Week’s Question, then get tips from around the world in To Do Today, featuring categories such as Money Makers, School Tips and Super Snacks. Need advice? Choose a topic in the Activity Library for advice and answers to questions about friends, drama and more.

Visit: http://play.americangirl.com/play
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Typing Ninja Issue Date: 09-25-2016

Cool Spots imageLearning to type accurately and quickly is a breeze when you use Typing.com. With a parent’s permission, create a free student account to start. No email address is required. As you master each tutorial you take a step closer to becoming a great typist, one letter at a time. Lessons are easy to follow and clearly show which finger should be used for each key. Want extra practice? Play Keyboard Ninja and Fire Typer in Games. Customize your screen with Skins and earn Badges with each successfully completed lesson. Ready to check your typing speed? Take the test to find out your words per minute.

Visit: http://Typing.com
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Play to Learn Issue Date: 09-25-2016

Cool Spots imageLearning Games for Kids, learninggamesforkids.com, provides math, language, social studies and geography games for elementary-age kids. Select from the Menu of subjects to begin. Math Man was inspired by the classic video game Pacman, only you eat a question and then capture the ghost with the correct answer. You’ll have to think fast in this game! See how well you know famous stories such as “Huckleberry Finn” and “The Black Stallion” in Literature Games. Test your knowledge of your home state in U.S. State Games. Select a topic in Social Studies to play games based on people who influenced our world.

Visit: http://learninggamesforkids.com
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