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Be A Techno Girl Issue Date: 04-16-2000

Cool Spots imageMaybe you've played around on a computer or surfed the net a little, or maybe the whole dot-com thing is not in your vocab. Either way, Girlstart is a sparkly cool site to get you more techno wise. Dot-com this! Girlstart at www.girlstart.org opens the fun and the smarts. You'll probably want to play around with the fun stuff first, right? Learn how to send electronic greetings to your pals and be an interactive game girl. And be sure to join the birthday club. Also, check out Smartstuff because there you will find everything you need to help you with your homework, such as on-line dictionaries, general interest sites for kids and some serious science NASA-style. Whether you want to ask Dr. Math for help or learn more about women's history, there's something cool to find at each click. You can also make Girlstart your home page, so every time you log on, you'll be linked up with all the other smart young females getting into technology. You go, girl!

Visit: www.girlstart.org
User Rating: 3.1933962264152stars
212 users rated this site
Scout It Out Issue Date: 03-28-1999

Cool Spots image"Sugar and spice and everything nice," and brains and fun and creativity and energy-THAT'S what girls are made of! If this sounds like you, then check out the awesome Girl Scouts Web site. There's no uniform required, just a desire to have fun and learn. Girl Scouts is not just about cookies and camping. There's a lot going on at www.girlscouts.org. Try the "power"-full scavenger hunt, and get in on the cool science that shows you how to make your own lightning! Or if you're in the mood to express yourself, there's a hundred ways: girl chat, girl poets, girl artists and even Girl Space-a big virtual refrigerator door where you can stick anything you want people to see or think about. Be sure to check out the careers section, too. There are some pretty inspiring women to show you the world that's waiting for you, from veterinarians to engineers. What are you waiting for? Go, girl!

Visit: www.girlscouts.org
User Rating: 3.495016607309stars
602 users rated this site
Go Girl Issue Date: 12-27-1998

Cool Spots imageGirlTech is the place; www.girltech.com is the cyberspace. Start by clicking on the GirlTech logo. Get in the game by checking out the latest on women in sports, or grab a snack at the interactive game cafe. Are you creatively minded, girl? Then check out the inventions section, or maybe snag a "story starter" to explore the storyteller in you. Got a lot on your mind? Be sure to check out the chat: There's room for you to speak out, ask questions, and find friends in all corners of the world. Whatever you're into, there's something creative here for you to do with your girl power.

Visit: www.girltech.com
User Rating: 2.8960302455567stars
529 users rated this site
Where Every Girl is Cool Issue Date: 01-11-1998

Cool Spots imageHere's a site just for you girls-but this isn't frilly stuff. Hop over to the Girl Zone at www.girlzone.com to meet with smart, thinking, active girls who are interested in the really important stuff in life. First, go "aroundtown" to meet girls who have been everywhere and done everything. Explore volunteer work, ideas for your future and world travels. Then be sure to check out "Seen It Heard It" for great music, book and movie reviews from people your own age. And there's more! "Bodyopolis" is the place to stop for the latest scoop on body issues: exercise, nutritious recipes for the lazy, and how to deal with your body's changes. Don't end your voyage without stopping by "innercity" to express yourself. This is a cybertrip you'll want to make again and again.

Visit: www.girlzone.com
User Rating: 2.6373684210523stars
380 users rated this site
Girl's World: The Web Clubhouse Just for Girls Issue Date: 10-27-1996

Cool Spots imageFor an incredible on-line experience, go to "the space where girls rule the place" at www.agirlsworld.com the Girl's World Clubhouse. This home page is hopping, and you don't have to wear a dress-this place is for girls of the '90s! There is so much to do, you could stay for days. Make new friends, get to know women with dynamite careers, find directions for neat stuff you can make and lots more! Girls are in the Clubhouse, waiting for you to come share your thoughts on a million different subjects. Type in your opinion on a hot topic, and then take a peek at the Clubhouse girls' secret diaries. Give a little advice-what would you do if it were you? So go, girl, and have a blast at the place "where it's cool to be a girl!"

Visit: www.agirlsworld.com
User Rating: 2.4649180868856stars
305 users rated this site

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