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Northern Exposure Issue Date: 03-01-1998

Cool Spots imageIf you enjoy following the latest in news, sports, science and drama, you're going to love CBC 4 Kids, the site brought to you by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Point your antenna due north to www.cbc.ca/kids and tune in to the coolest games and information for kids on the World Wide Web. Future radio and television broadcasters will love getting the scoop on what's Behind the News or catching a song or two at the CBC 4 Kids Radio Festival. The Time Machine takes you back in time and off to the future, while A Word or Two lets you drift away to distant lands. You'll find holiday features, a wacky science lab, news on International Children's Day and, of course, the Canadian History Challenge. Bring your mittens, and get ready to have a blast!

Visit: www.cbc.ca/kids
User Rating: 2.8079625185013stars
427 users rated this site
Web-Footed-Fun Party Issue Date: 02-15-1998

Cool Spots imageDaffy Duck is throwing a birthday party, and you're invited. Daffy's 60 years as television's craziest cartoon duck are now being celebrated online. Bring confetti and party horns to http://looneytunes.kidswb.
and go back in time with Daffy and his Looney Tunes pals. You'll find his biography, filmography and trivia questions. For the games crowd, there's a Daffy puzzle and other multimedia challenges. There are also sound-bites of Daffy's greatest one-liners for you to download and play. Check out the Daffy Duck Web cards or the cyber calendar and help Daffy Duck party in style!

Visit: http://looneytunes.kidswb.com
User Rating: 3.47648902884stars
319 users rated this site
Where Every Girl is Cool Issue Date: 01-11-1998

Cool Spots imageHere's a site just for you girls-but this isn't frilly stuff. Hop over to the Girl Zone at www.girlzone.com to meet with smart, thinking, active girls who are interested in the really important stuff in life. First, go "aroundtown" to meet girls who have been everywhere and done everything. Explore volunteer work, ideas for your future and world travels. Then be sure to check out "Seen It Heard It" for great music, book and movie reviews from people your own age. And there's more! "Bodyopolis" is the place to stop for the latest scoop on body issues: exercise, nutritious recipes for the lazy, and how to deal with your body's changes. Don't end your voyage without stopping by "innercity" to express yourself. This is a cybertrip you'll want to make again and again.

Visit: www.girlzone.com
User Rating: 2.6373684210523stars
380 users rated this site
Hang With The MaMaMedia Gang Issue Date: 10-05-1997

Cool Spots imageNo matter how computer-wise you are, the MaMaMedia gang is the place to go. This site, at www.mama
is jam-packed with interactive gadgets that'll make MaMaMedia your favorite place to hang in cyberspace. There are cartoons, games, music, new friends, art...everything! You never can be sure what's behind a name like "surprise," "zap" or "romp," but you'll have fun exploring-and you'll always find something cool. It's all designed to get you rockin' on the Web. Soon you'll be creating your own stuff to send in to MaMaMedia. Click it!

Visit: www.mamamedia.com
User Rating: 2.8860759451475stars
474 users rated this site
Yak's Corner Issue Date: 09-21-1997

Cool Spots imageThere's a hoedown on the Internet, and you're invited! By turning the page to www.nieonline.com/detroit you'll be thrust into a world of puzzles, games, cartoon trivia and way-cool art. For the contest-loving crowd, there's no shortage of "yaktivities," while a special animal section introduces kids to creatures from all over the world, even the yak himself. And for children who like to keep on top of current events, Yak's Corner covers everything from the Tamagotchi to "George of the Jungle." Are you ready to yak with the yak? (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.nieonline.com/detroit
User Rating: 2.728813559322stars
531 users rated this site

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