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Kids' Space Issue Date: 05-31-1998

Cool Spots imageA world of creativity is only a mouse click away at Kids' Space, where friends meet to share stories, art and music. This is a home page for everybody and a place to enjoy the international spirit of the Web. Swing on by www.kids-space.org and check out paintings from Australian students or the latest Australian art in the craft room. If you're just getting your feet wet on the Internet, Guide Bear will take you on a tour of the online world, showing you how to use computers and networks like an expert. Plus, once you're finished enjoying the stories and drawings from others, you can submit your own projects to the site. If music's your thing, Guide Bear will also show you how to send a sound file to Kids' Space to share your musical talent with kids from around the world. Bring your imagination and a smile, because Kids' Space is the place for creativity and fun!

Visit: www.kids-space.org
User Rating: 2.7827515400407stars
487 users rated this site
The Circus Time Machine Issue Date: 05-24-1998

Cool Spots imageFrom the ancient Romans to today's kids, everybody loves the circus. Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey's Circus, Cirque du Soleil and the Big Apple Circus are just a few of the big-top showcases that delight the crowds. CircusWeb takes you around the world and back in time at the Circus Past and Present Web site. You can journey back to the Dark Ages, the British Empire and early America to discover how the circus evolved into what it is today. Follow the daredevil on the flying trapeze to www.circusweb.com and take a front-row seat at the world's greatest show. You'll see animal duels from Rome, horse riding exhibitions in England and juggling and clowning around in the U.S. Get your cotton candy and head for the big top.

Visit: www.circusweb.com
User Rating: 2.7522123893804stars
339 users rated this site
Kids' Backstage Issue Date: 05-17-1998

Cool Spots imageFrom Sesame Street to Storytime, kids can't get enough of PBS television shows. Now you can hang with such public television celebrities as Big Bird and Mr. Rogers at PBS Kids Backstage, the ultimate Web site for the stars. Change the channel to http://pbskids.org for a chance to sneak a peak behind the scenes of your favorite programs. You'll get the chance to tour the outback with the gang from Kratts' Creatures or sail the seas at the Theodore Tugboat Activity Center. A Goodies page has the latest discoveries from NOVA Hot Science, plus extraordinary dogs, electronic postcards and the chance to sing along to your favorite PBS showtunes. You'll find games, knock-knock jokes and a coloring book. Join your friends from the world of television as they make their move to the World Wide Web.

Visit: http://pbskids.org
User Rating: 3.3148437519538stars
512 users rated this site
Adventure Bus Issue Date: 04-26-1998

Cool Spots imageIf you're the kind of kid who seeks out adventure and knowledge, then it's time to jump on the Magic School Bus. It's the wildest educational ride on the Information Highway today. Buy your ticket at www.scholastic.com/magic
and prepare yourself for a journey through power plants, rain forests and art galleries. Ms. Frizzle and her sidekick lizard Liz will be your guides on this virtual trip through science, geography and culture. You'll drive to the activity lab and enjoy the riddle of the week, the mystery name search and some fun science facts. This is one bus you don't want to miss.

Visit: www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus
User Rating: 3.2915851407041stars
511 users rated this site
Imagine, Explore, Play Issue Date: 03-22-1998

Cool Spots imageThe search is over! Here it is, the one Web site that will keep you coming back again and again. It's action-packed, always new, and always fun. If you're itching for something to do, zoom over to www.bonus.com. If it's hip to you, it's here: more than 1,000 activities. Explore the human body and gross science, brighten the world with art, take a whiz kid quiz or journey through a haunted mansion (if you dare). With color, animation and sound around every corner, this site never gets old. Bookmark it and make this site a regular stop on your trips through cyberspace. There's no way you can do it all in one day. So get started now! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.bonus.com
User Rating: 3.5387693076923stars
325 users rated this site

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