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The Eyes Have It Issue Date: 04-02-2000

Cool Spots imageOpen your eyes and prepare to be dazzled at SandlotScience.com, home of the wildest optical illusions you've ever seen. Swing by www.sandlotscience.com to see strange illusions, camouflage, special effects and much more. Check out the bizarre geometry of the Crazy Crate, or send your eyeballs into a wild spin at the Rotating Spiral Illusion. Word lovers will enjoy the games at the Typography section where you can play with some tough ambigrams. And be sure to stop by the site's Ambiguous Illusions section, featuring 23 of these extraordinary visual gems, such as the Barber Pole Illusion and the Vanishing Area Paradox. Sandlotscience.com is truly an eye-catcher of a Web site. (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.sandlotscience.com
User Rating: 2.6308724821032stars
447 users rated this site
Enter the Fold Issue Date: 01-09-2000

Cool Spots imageLearn all about the wonderful art of paper folding at Pieces'n' Creases, a terrific Web site dedicated to the beautiful pastime of origami. Travel east to the Orient at http://library.thinkquest.
and get ready for some fun folding action. There's no shortage of activities here, including games, quizzes and puzzles. You'll even get to make a butterfly, crane or jumping frog. And rookies have nothing to fear, as the site is full of origami terms, tips and tricks. Be sure to go back in time to learn the history of this craft, from its origins in China, to the recent works of Akira Yoshizawa, Japan's "father of modern origami." In addition to its beauty, you'll learn about origami's other uses, from entertainment to math lessons to physical therapy. Plus, you'll meet fellow kids who are also mastering this fun hobby. It's time to find yourself some good folding paper and put your fingers to work.

Visit: http://library.thinkquest.org/5402
User Rating: 3.1230398069956stars
829 users rated this site
Patent Pending Issue Date: 01-02-2000

Cool Spots imageEureka! It's a site about inventors and patents just for kids. If you've got the inventing bug, check out what happens at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Kids Pages. Hurry over to www.uspto.gov/go/kids. Almost everything we love was invented by somebody, and every inventor gets a patent or a trademark to let the world proudly know "that's my invention." Learn how to come up with a great invention, solve brain-twizzling puzzles or play inventive games. Feeling extra creative? Then paint an eye-catching poster, write an inspiring poem, or design your own virtual museum exhibit. Who knows? Your brain might invent you a cool contest prize.

Visit: www.uspto.gov/go/kids
User Rating: 3.2673031026253stars
419 users rated this site
Sole Searching Issue Date: 10-10-1999

Cool Spots imageAs the year 2000 approaches, everyone wants to look back at the highlights of this century. But you've never seen history like this-from the ground up! Lace this address www.centuryinshoes.com into your browser. The Century in Shoes site is like a time capsule ... but just for feet! It shows us how the objects in our lives say a lot about us and the world we live in. Stroll through the decades with great multimedia effects and animations. (You might have to get some help upgrading if you don't have the latest software, but it's easy and worth it.) Boots, buckles, high heels and sneakers make for a pretty cool way to learn about history, huh? You'll see why shoes were fancy even during the Great Depression, and you'll learn where some of today's foot fashions got their inspiration. Don't be a heel; give this site a try!

Visit: www.centuryinshoes.com
User Rating: 3.4428772919607stars
709 users rated this site
Funny Faces Issue Date: 09-12-1999

Cool Spots imageDo your ears stick out? Maybe you have a goofy haircut. Well these are the kinds of things a caricature artist loves. Caricature artists draw cartoon-like pictures of real people by exaggerating the features that make them look unique. Doodle on over to the Caricature Zone to get an eyeful of funny pictures of famous people at www.magixl.com First, take a guess at the caricature of the day. Then explore the palette of famous faces, from sports stars like Michael Jordan to movie stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Their faces are hilarious, and it's all in good fun! Feeling inspired? Good, because it's your turn to make a caricature of someone you know. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can have an outrageous drawing of your best friend or your crazy uncle. When you're done, send him the caricature through e-mail. Now do some doodling! (Disclaimer: This site now contains advertisements.)

Visit: www.magixl.com
User Rating: 2.8860544217688stars
588 users rated this site

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