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Which Tuskegee airman served as a banker for Wells Fargo in 1968?
Lee Archer
George Roberts
Roscoe Brown
What are the components of light
Glare and skyglow
Light trespass and clutter
All of the above

In what year did Andersen travel to England as a guest of Charles Dickens?

Stagecoach Banking

Stage coachWells Fargo Bank, wellsfargohistory.com, was founded in 1852. In History, you will learn more about the businessmen whose vision created a company that has lasted generations. Horses were an important part of Wells Fargo’s legacy, because mail was delivered by Pony Express. In recognition of this, each year Wells Fargo creates a plush pony to honor a real horse that worked for the company. Did you know that Wells Fargo stagecoaches still exist? Visit Stagecoach and see a video of the wagons in action. The Archives contain a unique collection of Objects representing the history of Wells Fargo.

Play Drag Race Division
Drag Race Division

Light Pollution

Light PollutionThe International Dark-Sky Association, darksky.org, works to restore Earth’s starry skies. Artificial lighting, especially in cities, affects the environment, uses an immense amount of electricity and disrupts plant and animal ecosystems. Watch “What Is Light Pollution?” to learn why darkness is important to the health of all living things. Have you ever seen the Milky Way? It is visible on a clear night, but many people have never seen it because of light pollution. One way to preserve the natural night sky is to shield lights so they illuminate the ground and not the sky. Learn How You Can Help.

Fairy Tales

Hans Christian AndersenDo you enjoy a good fairy tale? Some of the world’s most beloved and well-known children’s stories were written by Hans Christian Andersen, hca.gilead.org.il, a famous author from Denmark who lived more than 200 years ago. His tales include “The Princess and the Pea,” “The Emperor’s New Suit” and “The Ugly Duckling.” Check out the Chronological List, where you can read 127 of his stories online. Have you ever seen any movies based on these classic stories? Visit Andersen’s hometown to learn more about his personality and what others thought of him throughout his life. This is a useful resource to find out more about this brilliant children’s author.

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Narrowing Down a Topic

When you receive a writing assignment, sometimes the hardest part is narrowing down your topic. For example, if you are doing a research paper about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, there are thousands of pieces of information from which to choose. You could write about his early life, his career before his presidency or his important achievements as president. Any one of those topics is still very broad.

One way to narrow down a topic is to determine what part of your subject’s life most interests you. For instance, you could choose to write about some of Roosevelt’s most successful initiatives during the Great Depression. You could focus either on the people’s perspectives or on his, as well as the challenges he faced as president. You could also write about his first 100 days, when he signed 15 major pieces of legislation.

For a detailed explanation about why narrowing a topic is an important part of the writing process and tips on how to accomplish it, check out Ohio State University’s Narrowing a Topic, osu.pb.unizin.org/choosingsources/chapter/narrowing-a-topic.


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