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Ann M. Martin’s ancestors arrived on what historic ship?
The Mayflower
The Santa Maria
The Pinta
What is the difference between a regular conductor and a superconductor?
Electrons move around more easily in a superconductor.
Itís cooler in a superconduct-or.
All of the above

What are some suggested ways to be a good citizen?
Volunteer and particpate in community activities.
Pick up litter
All of the above

Baby-sitters Club

Babysitters ClubFor more than 30 years, young readers all over the world have enjoyed the adventures of the Baby-sitters Club, scholastic.com/annmartin/bsc/index.htm. Now the series has grown to more than 300 books. Learn what influenced her career in About Ann. If you are interested in becoming an author someday, perhaps you’ll pick up some ideas when you read Letters from Ann. The Photo Album contains snapshots of Ann’s travels and book signings. When you are ready to begin reading, check out titles and descriptions of her popular series in Books. For an interactive experience, read about Squirrel in the current featured book.

Play Spelling Bees
Spelling Bees

Subatomic Particles

PhysicsEnter the world of Quarked!, quarked.org, Adventures in the Subatomic Universe. Follow Ushi, Danny, Harold and friends as they solve physics problems during their micro-world adventures. First stop: Videos, where you’ll learn about Superconductivity after the friends get stranded in a place with no phone signal. Then discover how temperature affects electrons’ speed. Next, meet the Quarksters. Pay attention, because you’ll need to know facts about the Quarksters to join the Quarked Club. Don’t forget to check out the Subatomic Roadmap to learn physics terminology. Still have questions? Ask Mr. Marks!

Safe Searching for Kids

DK FindoutDK Findout, dkfindout.com/us, was created to be a safe place for students to search for reliable information on many subjects, from Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, to Space, to the Human Body. Watch “Children Are Just Like Me” to learn about how other kids around the world live. Experience the world from a robot’s perspective when you watch “Think Like a Computer.” In Explore, you will read articles written about topics kids are interested in. Challenge yourself with more than 35 fun Quizzes about topics from the Structure of the Earth to Body Defenses. Whether you’re searching for ideas for a project or doing research for a paper, this website is sure to come in handy.

Speak Out

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Dear Amy: I am doing a presentation on Harper Lee for my literature class. Do you have any suggestions about how I can make it unique? — Amber T., Springfield, Missouri

Dear Amber: Harper Lee presents an interesting challenge for student researchers, since she was a very private person. Still, you should be able to find interesting anecdotes about her life and work to share with your audience. You should also consider including photographs of her family, her home and facts about her literary career. You will be able to find this information online, and as long as it’s properly cited, it will be fine to use for your school assignment.

Once you’ve collected everything you need, make an outline to organize your information. If a paper is part of your assignment, you can use your outline to help write it. Next, you may want to consider a slideshow using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint to enhance the presentation.

You could also dress in period clothing Lee might have worn, or even consider presenting from her perspective. The following websites will help you begin your research: tokillamockingbird.com and biography.com/people/harper-lee-9377021.


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